Dyson DC25 ball from B&M - £150 instore

Dyson DC25 ball from B&M - £150 instore

Found 1st Feb 2015
Popped into b&m and saw this, looked a great deal and couldn't see it anywhere cheaper :-)

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Whats the original price to this?
Also does this come with 5 years from Dyson?
Which Store?
£339.99 would expect the 5 years stands
Heat but never imagined dyson would end up in b&m
That's a great buy! What store?
Got this from tesco for £164 just after Xmas, best Dyson I've had!
Which branch did you find this in? Thanks.
The ball feature makes them much easier to use than conventional cleaners
cracking deal, our DC07 Animal died just before Xmas after 10 yrs use.

This is a brilliant replacement, better suction but chamber is smaller though so you will be emptying it more often.

The ball feature makes them much easier to use than conventional cleaners


Overall a great machine. Love ours.
This is a good price for a dyson. I have one but its not worth the over £300 price i paid for it when it came out. Its a very good cleaner.
I've not seen any 'premium' electrical brands in any of my local B&M's. Hot if you can find one!
£200 in Castleford branch
Anyone know if it's any good on solid wood ?floor please had always used days on on carpet years ago
My old one was very heavy had a hard life think it scratched my floor to many years to remember I have a bought
Few cheap ones since because they where light would love another not sure if any good for the floor if anyone knows
Hot anyway thanks
Great price. I love balls
Hi all, this was in clacton.
Dyson will fix any dyson bar dc01 for £79 inc vat, all parts and call out charge. Just check dyson website.
I asked if all stores had them as my parents live up north and they need a new vacuum.
Was Told quite a few stores each got a pallet of them, so hopefully someone should get one from another store :-)
£200 at Grimsby
They prob haven't marked it down on the shelf, I bet it would scan at the lower price

Anyone know if it's any good on solid wood ?floor please

Think I'm correct in saying that all Dyson upright cleaners allow you to switch the beater bar to prevent damage to wood floors plus have auto adjustable height at the front?

Hope that helps.
If Clacton had some in stock, do you think Thurrock will have any? Clacton is a bit far from me!
they went up last week to 200 OP store not changed price
Available refurbished direct from Dyson Outlet w/ 2 Yr guarantee @ £149.99 here if you can't find this instore at B&M.
could admin expire, this has now gone back up to £199.99
£200 pakefield plenty in stock if you want one.
None in stock at 4 stores within 20 miles of me
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