Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner £99 + Clubcard Boost + 2 Year Guarantee @ Tesco Direct (and instore)

Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner £99 + Clubcard Boost + 2 Year Guarantee @ Tesco Direct (and instore)

Found 26th Nov 2015
Great price + Clubcard Boost too

Online and instore (Tesco Extra)
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Time to end the snoring

I could do with a new hoover, the old one is just in the corner collecting dust
Fab I have £13 of vouchers to use
Great price for this, thanks for sharing Chichi
Haven't even had time to find a gif X) ...and thanks needed a new on

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With my boost... I got this for £66.
Very happy, thank you. ❤️
Clean deal chanchi, heat added
I'm a sucker for a bargain.
This deal sucks.

...and at a flick of a switch it blows too.

Great deal, heat added X)
Think you can get this in store too! No need to wait
Ordered for collection
I find that Tesco Direct orders usually arrive sooner than expected
Thanks op
Old old technology battery lasts 6 mins!
Price matched to £99 at John lewis
Ordered hot.
Ordered thanks been waiting for a drop, yeah battery does not last too long but your not supposed to do the whole house with it...
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Cheers Chanchi - had plenty of points just sat in my Tesco account so ended up costing nothing
OOS now.
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OOS now.

showing as instock on online checkout as of 14:46

as per OP is instore too

OOS again at 15:05.
Sold out
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Sold out

Available instore or order directly from Dyson - cheers

Back in stock
Ordered one from tesco about an hour ago.
OOS for most of today,But in again tonight for anyone still looking
Did anyone else get a stocking issue message today?
Yes ordered on 27th Nov hacked off to say the least especially as i rang up twice and was told it was on its way!
I wish I had ordered it from Dyson. I only went with Tesco as I had vouchers. I wonder if the technical issue will be resolved in a week or so after the orders have been cancelled.
Just got the cancellation email. Grrr.
It seems they might be getting more stock in a few days.
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It seems they might be getting more stock in a few days.

Hopefully they will sort it out

For info standard gesture of good will from Tesco is usually £10 credit back to your payment card/payment mechanism when things such as this go wrong, however maybe more given the issues with this one.

If there was an alternative Dyson in stock that you wanted I would ask the question to customer services to see if they would be willing to substitute the product at no extra cost given the issues.

Customer services tel number 0800 323 4050

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I'm keeping my order for the time being and hoping the stock comes in.
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