DYSON DC40 Animal Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - Silver & Purple £201.98 with code @ Very

DYSON DC40 Animal Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - Silver & Purple £201.98 with code @ Very

£201.98Very Deals
Found 12th Mar 2017
DYSON DC40 Animal Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - Silver & Purple
with discount code KPAJW it is £201.98 including delivery but only until the 4th April
The same Dyson in other stores is £369
I have had it confirmed by Dyson C/S that it is the same Dyson " The machine in Cu***'s would be exactly the same" and if you read the product features it say's animal and the special tool and the spec's list it as the Animal
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Code not working for me.

£150 Refurbished: ebay.co.uk/itm…579?hash=item1c7c0c4e6b:g:tqkAAOSwnHZYlF4f
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Sorry I forgot the code is for new customers
Code doesn't work.

I spoke to someone on Livechat and my request was referred to a "promotions manager" who emailed me back within half an hour to request a photo of the printed media containing the code. This was for previous deal for V8 Absolute but same code.
Sorry cant post photo but I have tried
Dear Mr L
Thank you for choosing to shop with Very
We have successfully received your order. Here are the details confirming the order you placed with us on
Order Reference: 605

Qty Item Delivery Address Delivery Date/Time Price Discount Discount
1 DC40 Upright vacuum cleaner LFV7H15** By 13/03/2017 £ 219.99 £ -22.00 KPAJW

Sub Total £ 219.99
Total Discount £ -22.00
Delivery £ 3.99
Total Including Delivery £ 201.98
Do you know if this comes with the 'Tangle free Turbine Tool'
Ordered thanks. I nearly bought the bog standard dc40 the other day but to me, this is a better deal.

Do you know if this comes with the 'Tangle free Turbine Tool'

HI it does say it in the product features but I haven't received one
I have just got the standard tools.
I have e mailed Very to query this though
and I I will let you know
With regards the tangle tool I e mailed Dyson and they are now sending me one
but first they said it is just a dc 40 all floors and when I told them it is an DC40 Animal Exclusive they change their minds
even on dyson.co.uk/vac…spx it says it comes with the tool.
still waiting for a reply from Very.
Mine arrived today with out the tangle tool as well. Was it just dyson customer services you got in touch with?
Hi yes it was both Very and the nice people at Dyson who have now sent out a tangle tool and now
Very have just replied and asked Dyson to send out a tool also so could be getting two tools

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Showing as £339.99 so I presume Very have had a nosebleed and moved the price back up?
Ordered Saturday and got it for £201.98. Arrived without the tangle tool so checked the serial number with Dyson. This is definitely the Animal Exclusive now showing on Very at £369.99, Dyson are sending me a tangle tool. Looks like Very made a mistake here and have now updated their website.
Dyson have the DC40 Animal Exclusive hidden away on their website for £269.99 + plus a free Multi-tasker kit worth £85 [@mrp]


Although I was tempted to order this, I went for the better performing DC41 MK2 Animal from Lunneysonline, and saved £200 against the price-fixed MRP for this model. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to post a deal for this as their website doesn't meet hotukdeals standards, despite consistent 5 * reviews?
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