Dyson DC40 Multi Floor (new model) just £275.98 @ Costco!

Dyson DC40 Multi Floor (new model) just £275.98 @ Costco!

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Found 25th May 2012
Good price for this model. Yes I know it's a Dyson and it's expensive, but at the end of the day a good price is a good price.

Marked as £249.99 + VAT @ 20%. However they are currently doing a £20 off promotion on this (comes off the pre-VAT price), so the total is £275.98!

This product is £349.99 @ Dyson.co.uk, £314.10 @ Amazon. And then don't forget the lifetime warranty with Costco.

Incase you want to know more, check it out at content.dyson.co.uk/vac…asp - I had a play, it's realllllllly light (much lighter than the DC25), and has a bigger dust container. It's really smart and easy to use.

Don't vote cold just because you cannot afford one - show us a cheaper price instead!!

Also includes 5 year Dyson warranty.
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Loving all the cold voters... No one has given a cheaper price though huh!
Very brave, putting a Dyson on here among the hyenas. I agree though, anyone cheaper? Heat from me.
Well even though there are dumb people voting cold, this is the cheapest price around and I'm sure it'll help somebody!
Voted hot, you just helped me because we have just brought a house and are looking at the DC40 or the DC24 (the really small ball one) as my fiancée can't carry ones that are too heavy.
...it picks up crap from your carpet...I know it's a Dyson so it does it rather well, but at the best part of £300 I personally think it's ridiculous!!

...each to their own though, fool and their money etc...
Does anyone know if this deal is still on. I don't have a costco near, but would travel for this deal.

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