Dyson DC40 Multifloor (2015) £199.98 with 5yr guarantee @ Dyson

Dyson DC40 Multifloor (2015) £199.98 with 5yr guarantee @ Dyson

£199.98Dyson Deals
Found 19th Jan 2016
Dyson have a sale on at the moment with approx. £100 off on some of their vacuum cleaners.
Other models with varied prices also available.
Free next day delivery and 5yr guarantee.
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Doesn't seem that great a deal, sorry.
Recently for sale with free tool kit, 5 year warranty & free next day delivery £179.98 @ Dyson
Everywhere has gradually gone back up to this price since Christmas, was £189 somewhere at the weekend but that's gone now too. All Dyson's have a 5 year warranty other than factory refurbs which are two years.
Been looking at a new one after my old one set on fire, noticed a lot of them are 700w now. Decided to buy a new motor from Amazon and repaired my old one. £20 and I now have a 1600w working Dyson which is miles more powerful than before.
warranty is pretty good - rang them up when the head stopped rotating. After a few troubleshooting questions they simply dispatched a new one that arrived the next day. Didn't have to return the broken head, just threw it away
189 at Tescos [url=Tescos]http://www.tesco.com/direct/dyson-dc40-multi-floor-upright-vacuum-cleaner/774-5238.prd[/url]
Sorry it's oos at Tesco so pls ignore.
We paid £250 for our dc25 back in August 2014..wish we hadn't. Can't believe we did lol. So this seems a bit better!
Been this price at most retailers for weeks, and isn't even a particularly good cleaner for the money
Bought one of these in December to replace a vax compact air 3. Expected it to be the best vacuum I've ever had but it just isn't.
It's really heavy, poor steering and you have to wrestle with it when you want to use the attachments because the hose isn't flexible enough. What was all this pivot on a ball stuff? When I pivot on the ball it's like driving with broken power steering.
​​Hi all, could anyone help me please with some advice?

Been thinking of a Dyson for a while now, currently have a little Henry but its awkward..

Would this be the recommended model for the below uses:

- cleaning car interrior

- upstairs/downstairs house (4 bedrooms)

- no pet (dog passed away last year ​)

Do NOT want a cordless, house too big for it.
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