Dyson DC40i - £170.10 using code @ Hughes

Dyson DC40i - £170.10 using code @ Hughes

£170.10Hughes Deals
Found 25th Dec 2015
Been looking for a new Dyson for some time now. One of the good mid range ones is the DC40. A few retailers are selling them on offer at £199. Hughes are selling the DC40 or DC40i for £189. Use the code 'DYSON10' before 27/12/2015 and get a further 10% off bringing the total cost down to £170.10

NB: The DC40i is the same as a DC40 but the DC40i is red and silver as apposed to the regular colours of yellow and silver for the DC40. Not sure which one you would get as Hughes are selling the DC40i but have the picture of the DC40. Personally I'm not bothered which one I get as long as it sucks up the dirt.

Also of note:
Topcashback: 3.15%
Quidco: 3%

Hope this helps those looking for a post Christmas bargain
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Is this a good deal? Need a new dyson
If you are 100% sure you won't return it then fine. I had to return this (Rubbish compared to my 6 year old upright slim dyson - sucked the floor so hard it made it a nightmare to maneuver it). Returned it and paid for Hughes courier at £15 and sent 8 email chasers (no replies) over a month after returning to get a refund (that was after threatening everything). Awful company.
Bought one of these from John Lewis last week. I also had to return it, we have deep pile carpets and it sucks too hard into them making it almost impossible for my wife to push no matter what setting you have it on. If you have very short pile carpet or hard floors it will be fine.
Before getting a ball dyson, try one out as they are very hard on the wrists.
So they make fuel-injected Dysons now?
Ironic that we're now complaining about vacuum cleaners sucking too hard. Just got a cordless Dyson V6 for the parents and that seems excellent although it does suck very hard on full power (lasting 6 minutes on max). Bought from Hughes Direct who are based in Northern Ireland. No problems but obviously not as easy to return if unwanted.
I placed a price match request with JL yesterday, as have my eye on this as old dyson is looking pretty ropey after I used it to tidy up throughout six months of extension and kitchen installation. So far JL haven't replied. I keep wondering whether to just pull my finger out and strip down the old one and just give it a decent clean.

I guess the suction problem is because of the new rules on power. They can't have as high a power, so instead have improved the head to have less leaks so that all the air sucked through the carpet, rather than over it - resulting in fantastic suction on the floor.
Terrible reviews if u have a good carpet.
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