Dyson DC56 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner NOW £129!! @ Tesco Direct

Dyson DC56 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner NOW £129!! @ Tesco Direct

Found 10th Feb 2015
Been looking for one of these for ages - seems a good deal. Perfect for the little spot cleans, cars etc - I know they only have a short battery life, but saves getting the big vacuum out.
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I got one of these a few weeks back and sent it back. With the small attachments it works fine but with the main head it just pushes stuff arround rather than collecting it. Check out you tube before buying is my only advice. I now have a dc44 and is much better because of the attachment being better.
Yeah I only really want it with the small/short attachments
Reviews are poor. Normally dysons have excellent reviews, puts me off abit.
Don't waste your money doesn't pick anything up a load of rubbish
I bought the dc44 and whilst it's great on carpet it really sucks on hardwood, it just moves dirt around
£299 online now? price expired? Normal price
Edited by: "jkhaku" 11th Feb 2015
When I click in it it now says £129
Got a DC44 from Dyson Ebay Outlet for around that price a few months ago. Love it.
it Is rubbish save your money!
out of stock
out of stock.
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