Dyson Ebay Absolute (refurb) £215.99 at Dyson Ebay Outlet

Dyson Ebay Absolute (refurb) £215.99 at Dyson Ebay Outlet

Found 25th Aug 2016
OK, this was 259.99 before so it's come down in price. you get 1 years warranty but it's a pretty good price if you ask me


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are there better deals for this?

Cheers. I've been keeping my eye on this. It doesn't have the fluffy head tho so I might buy the total. its down to £209.99. I wouldn't have checked without thus post. Thanks x

Isn't it the same as this one?


which is £189 new.

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Isn't it the same as this … Isn't it the same as this one?http://ao.com/product/v6-dyson-cordless-vacuum-cleaner-silver-36365-155.aspxwhich is £189 new.




Ah OK, thanks. I'm not sure the difference is worth an extra £261!

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thats why you buy it from the Ebay Outlet

Thanks. Been looking for this for a while. I actually found it online myself because I decided to recheck the ebay price, but good post. I'll vote hot. Found your post because I was about to post it too and it came up as a duplicate

Good find, I think this is a good price.

Why is this being voted cold?

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in the end I opted for the Total Clean off ebay Dyson and it's perfect. registered online and got a 2 year guarantee
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