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Dyson Supersonic hair dryer (Iron/Fuchsia) - Refurbished - £194.39 with code - delivered @ eBay / Dyson

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Re-engineered for different hair types
With a powerful digital motor for fast drying, and intelligent heat control to help protect your shine, the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer now features re-engineered styling attachments to style different types of hair.
You can read more about the different guarantee types here. The specified manufacturer's warranty applies at least throughout the UK. The contact details for your guarantee can be found in our terms and conditions. Legal warranty rights are not limited by an additional manufacturer's warranty.
4054638_1.jpgRestored. Tested. Certified.Our engineers undertake a rigorous certification process for each piece of technology they refurbish. This includes functionality testing, safety checks, quality inspection, cleanliness and cosmetic standard testing.
4054638_1.jpgCondition Like NewOur technology is expertly-refurbished and certified for safe use. No more than 2 minor cosmetic defects on a single component (unless another count is specified), or more than 4 minor defects on the whole machine.
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    I also bought this “refurbished” item from an earlier post. It arrived brand new in cellophane. Registered the warranty and on my account:

    Guarantee remaining
    24 months left (edited)
    Warranty was holding me off from buying their “refurb” but if it comes 2nd hand not in original packaging I will be returning it. Ordered and we will see. How quickly did you get it? Thanks (edited)
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    Bought one recently and it was brand new/factory sealed! (edited)
    Hi mate, did you get the refurbished with 1 year warranty or 2 years for it being brand new? Thanks
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    Sorry Mr Sajid - you post great deals, but this is an extremely overpriced hair dryer - it's really targeted at people who don't care about money.
    I appreciate your comment and kind words.
    Sorry that this deal failed.
    Plz do keep making comments, that will only help me posting better deal / deals

    Thank you (edited)
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    £200 for a second hand hair dryer. What has the world come too. I can't in my right mind vote this hot, but thanks for finding the deal.
    Surely you mean.. New or second hand?
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    Cheers dude... I'd literally found this a couple of minutes before you posted.... came here to double check and noticed your FUN10 code.... stacked nicely with the discount already provided online.... Got it for the price you stated... Excellent! OK OK, I could have got it a bit cheaper with the offer the other day... but I was too slow! ;-) I know not everyone will like the idea of spending nearly £200 on a hairdryer... but I'm grateful for your post anyway! :-) Voted hot for you.... although, I expect most people will be colding it! (edited)
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    A fool and their money......
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    Notice you'll never see these in your local hairdressers, they're not very good. But the price is good if thats what you want.
    Must say they are quite effective if you are bald (edited)
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    Why is it that nearly EVERY Filipina has beautiful glossy natural healthy hair.. Many long down the length of their backs... Yet generally simple humble living and not using any gadgets to dry or mess with their hair, faces or bodies?


    Why is a several hundreds of £s gadget needed here by women in the west to dry hair?

    I do not get it :/ (edited)
    diet probably.
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    Just to confirm that these items are not new and are refurbished. They may look new, but they are not. Parts are swapped and replaced and they are given new serial number, wrapped in cellophane and given a new box.
    and how do you know this?
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    Seems to always be Dyson selling refurbished hairdryers, not sure what that says about their reliability.
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    I got this on the £174 “refurb” deal a few weeks back and mine too came brand new boxed and sealed hopefully they are still being sent out in the same brand new condition.
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    Annoying, paid £20 more for this a few days back! Good deal!
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