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Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vacuum - Refurbished £267.74 at Dyson ebay

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

About £25 more than the last deal and abit cheaper than a month ago.

Stack the 10% code and the extra ebay 15%.

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Twice the suction of any other cordless vacuum¹ Cord-free cleaning, made easier, with twice the suction of any other cordless vacuum.¹ With fade-free battery power and a battery-saving trigger. Monitors system performance and reports in real time on the LCD screen to give you control of your clean.


Condition Like New
Our technology is expertly-refurbished and certified for safe use. No more than 2 minor cosmetic defects on a single component (unless another count is specified), or more than 4 minor defects on the whole machine.

Restored. Tested. Certified.
Our engineers undertake a rigorous certification process for each piece of technology they refurbish. This includes functionality testing, safety checks, quality inspection, cleanliness and cosmetic standard testing.

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    If you're not bothered about the de-tangling part and knowing the battery, you can get the V10 for £244.74. I had this before the V11 and its a very good machine. Heated.

    I've got v10 and V11.
    V11 is much better, easily worth an extra £40 over the V10.
    The battery lasts approx 50% longer.
    91Wh v 58Wh.
    Also the anti tangle hair roller is excellent for carpets.
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    Not sure it is a bit cheaper than a month ago , I bought on 11/11/22 ( 1 month and 1 day ago ) and the price I paid with auto discount and the freely available ebay coupon was £254.99 which is still cheaper than this.

    Unless you need it right now ( and its not a bad price to be fair ), I'd wait as Boxing Day/New Year deals will likely beat this again
    Ah that's quite good... there was another deal on here at £280ish about a month ago ... that's a fair shout too... last couple of boxing days iv been quite disappointed
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    I can’t see how to add the second discount code. Can anyone please help, thanks
    Right above the total price.. there is an option to add voucher

    49023152-QgaEV.jpg (edited)
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    For anyone considering purchasing…

    I bought this when it was on here in oct/nov. It’s a good hoover for your average home and great on carpets. Not ridiculously durable. Sucked up some ash from round the fire place door the other day and it had a bit of a melt down with the filter going really bad and saying there was a blockage. I’d had that one 3 days 🥴 but a good clean (using a dust blower!) of the filter sorted that.

    The original v11 I bought died on me after 2 weeks. It took dyson another 3 weeks to finally get a new one to me. The customer support was absolutely awful.

    Thankfully I’d kept my Henry (which I’ll use for things like the fireplace from now on as it’s so durable). But this is good for keeping on top of the main hoovering.

    If you have an issue with it - you’ve been warned about customer service
    I swear everyone has a henry hidden somewhere for backup
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    Is this much better than the V8? My RoboVac seems to do a better job on my carpet than the V8 but I don't really want to carry it upstairs.
    My v10 is miles better... I have seen the v11 and from comments above that the v11 performs better than the v10 for sure.
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    This or the V12?
    V11 has more power,bigger battery and bin (edited)
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    Bought a V11 from the first deal - was sent a brand new one with a 2 year guarantee. Prompt delivery and rectification of a minor (website account) issue. Good service 🏻
    Absolutely the last few months people have been getting decent models
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    Would never buy from this company again. Customer service is non existant, they send out incorrect items and they take forever to refund it once they receive the item and they seem to get help from ebay as they are a big company.
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    I got one recently, it's a game changer, wouldn't pay £400 these once cost but for sub £250 it's a great deal and excellent device.
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    Can get this new from Currys with work discount for £364. Is it worth paying the extra £97 for a new unit? (edited)
    The refurbs are basically as good as new. It's up to you if you want to pay £97 for an extra few years on the guarantee.
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    Be warned, the charging docks dyson ship with this are not correct. and their support (though usually is quite good) sucks now.
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    I have this hoover, like others have said I would say it is ‘OK’ the filter warning light is a complete pain in the A**, mine is always on even when I replace it for a fresh one. I think my Wife’s hair is what causes it to always be on and complaining that it needs cleaning. Wouldn’t buy again 
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    Absolutely love mine! Bought it on the last deal.

    I also have a shark mains powered hoover which is fantastic, but the convenience of this - wow. My house has never been cleaner, the shark barely gets used now, even though its technically superior. The hard floor attachment is very useful, too
    How is the shark technically superior to the v11? (edited)
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    How does everyone know how much warranty/guarantee they have? Where do you see this? I bought mine in the Black Friday sales but see nothing on guarantee.
    You enter the model number on the dydon website to register the product
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    Ordered Monday, arrived wed, and yes , I
    got a brand new one , with the 2 Year warranty! Same as my old v8 . Can’t beat these ‘refurbished’ models at half price !
    Fantastic!!!... same got mine absolutely brand new too
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    Thanks ordered as our 14 year old Dyson gave up tonight. Hopefully delivery will be quicker than the estimated between 7 to 14 days 🤞🏽
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