Dyson V6 Animal (refurb) with free delivery - £167.99 ebay / Dyson outlet

Dyson V6 Animal (refurb) with free delivery - £167.99 ebay / Dyson outlet

£167.99eBay Deals
Found 16th Nov 2016
Refurbished Dyson V6 Animal back down to £167.99 on the dyson ebay outlet store.

Comes with 1 year warranty.

They normally sell very quick at this price.
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I bought this Dyson V6 Animal using the same deal shown here last time. It was to replace an ailing Henry vacuum cleaner. I was a little sceptical, mainly due to the short battery power time and small canister size.

This has been a good purchase. It arrived well packaged and looked new, without a single scratch. It sucked up a lot of dirt on first use (a few canisters) after using the Henry the day before. It is far quicker and easier to use around the house, so approx. 20 minute charge is fine. It is very easy to convert tools for crevices or stairs. Removing the long pipe makes it a very handy car vacuum, especially as we go to the beach weekly with our dog and children.

In summary, speed, ease of use, suction power and battery are great for us. The Animal version works well for us with pets and mainly carpeted areas. The canister is small and needs emptying regularly (several times on first use and preferably once after each use thereafter). However, it is quick to empty into the bin. A thin wooden skewer is handy to get out any fluff/hair that gets stuck in the canister, but it is also quite easy to press the canister release a second time to take the outer clear plastic completely off. It is better for fine dirt, sand and hair, rather than larger objects like sweet wrappers, etc. It is very easy to take apart, including the powered brush, if anything gets tangled or trapped. The power brush head swivels to make it very easy to vacuum in different directions.

I vacuum much more regularly, as a man, and so do the teenage children, now we use this. We have only had it for about two months, so I don't know about long term reliability. I hope this helps, as I have found it very useful to read other people's various opinions about products.
Was going to post this, just had an email from eBay .

Good deal, got one from the previous deal (fluffy), pretty impressed. It's so convenient compared to a corded so end up using it loads more.
Will this not be cheaper on black Friday?
Bought this. Thx.

Will this not be cheaper on black Friday?

I have not seen anything to suggest this and have been goggling these quite frequently over the past few weeks.
Plus with black Friday deals you never know if the site will crash, the stock level, or my personal favorite of when you order something and then get an email to say they have cancelled your order due to high demand!
The last time I purchased a refurb, the battery was useless.
When Dyson animals came out, they were great. I don't see why people see the need to spend so much on Dyson cordless uprights nowadays though as there are so many quality alternatives. Vax do some great vacuums for half the price of these, with performance that matches Dysons.
Personally, I think these are over-rated. They smell if you do have animals. The powered brush needs to be disassembled to be cleaned property, it`s not just the main bin that needs to be emptied (which fills up too rapidly as it is too small). The cyclone itself needs to be disassembled as dust gathers on all its surfaces. There is a gate between the main bin and the pipe which quite often jams shut with dust. If you happen to use it on anything damp, the dust settles on the surfaces even more quickly!
I shall be buying the new Vax stick cordless. Reviews are very good.You can buy the total model for about £104 on Amazon.2year guarantee.
Bought last week when the 20% offer was on and noticed when I registered online the guarantee was for 2 years
Ordered Wednesday, it arrived Thursday
Issue with motorised head but already sent a new one out to me.
Excellent service from them.
whats the difference between the animal and the normal V6 version. I have a cat that dont mult and wooden floors throughout apart from the stairs.

Bought last week when the 20% offer was on and noticed when I registered … Bought last week when the 20% offer was on and noticed when I registered online the guarantee was for 2 years

yes I also notice online it says 2 years but the other thing is you need to provide proof of purchase before any work can be carried on the machine, hence I think it is still 1 year warranty when they check the proof of purchase.
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