dyson v6 total clean £279 @ Currys
dyson v6 total clean £279 @ Currys

dyson v6 total clean £279 @ Currys

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thinking of getting one of these and this seems like a good deal. its £220.99 on eBay from dyson as a refurb. If anybody has any comments on the model above I would be grateful as I think that this is the model I might get.


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Sorry. I forgot to put it down. It's from currys!!

£279 is quite a lot, but they are fantastic! Does the total clean have the 'fluffy' head with it? That is brilliant on hard floors. The small motorised head removes the cat hair (we have a long hair annoying feline) and the normal motorised head does everything else. We couldn't be happier with it! Its never run out of battery, but we hoover areas of the house regularly rather than doing the whole house now and then.

Buy from the Dyson eBay store as they come in a plain box but look brand new. Fast delivery and if faulty they just swap it for another the next day so great service.

£220.69 on amazon

We have this one - it's brilliant! It's changed my life as I used to be a big angry pants when it came to lugging our regular Dyson around making me hot and bothered but this is a breeze! I actually like hoovering now as it's easy to just pull off its holder when you have emergency hoovering to do instead of messing about unraveling power leads and plugging in


£220.69 on amazon

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Although it is dearer to buy from currys, it will come with a 2 year warranty. Refurbished items from dyson only come with a year. It just gives you a bit more piece of mind as the warranty is pretty good. I'd be more concerned paying over 200 for a hoover with only a years warranty, even though it's from dyson themselves.

Also, I have the v6 absolute and think it's genius but it doesn't have the fluffy head. I kind of wish I had got the total clean but it was dearer than the absolute at the time. The fluffy head is apparently really good so well worth it if you are in the market for this type of cleaner.

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Cheers for all the comments. I thought it was a good deal as it's new as initially I was going to get it from eBay. the extra year warranty is appealing. its soooooòooo confusing, the prices jump up with the various models. I think I will get one with the fluffy head. Thanks again

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It's reduced from £430. !!!!!

Brexit boy Jimbo can work his Malaysian hoovers right up his bangle (_;)


ring them and get a free bag of extra tools

also, they do 24month payment scheme

Also, if you ring Dyson they'll do a promotional offer of £259 for the Total Clean instead of the £279. You might have to tell them you already own a Dyson, but they wont check that..
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