Dyson V6 Total Clean £299 @ Currys

Dyson V6 Total Clean £299 @ Currys

Found 25th Dec 2015
I know Argos have the Animal at £249 but this seems more bang for your buck.
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I've clubbed together with a couple of siblings to buy this between us (we live close by and don't need to vac every day) to see if these machines are as good as they are reported to be - if they are we have a bargain, if not we've wasted £100 each
Have one these and TBH feel completely ripped off. Suction seems very poor for such money and the quality is not all that. Henry any day! Yes I know it's not cordless but consider the dyson sticks to be over priced.
we have two small kids so spend thr day cleaning around them. it's so easy to take this off the wall, quick 20 second hoover in the livingroom and it's perfect again. easy to clip on the small bit for the stairs or car etc. It makes life so easy and cleans so well. we got loads of tiny bits up when we replaced the Henry. it doesn't last the long if you're going to do the whole house. you will have to recharge half way through (unless it's a quick run round it will be okay). I must hoover the livingroom about 6 times a day now. so much easier not messing with wires.
Insane price for a handheld, cold.
To put this slightly into context, Dyson's website sale has these reduced from £430 to £370 - so this is still quite a saving, even if it is still a lot.
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