Dyson V6  Trigger £129.98 @ Dyson

Dyson V6 Trigger £129.98 @ Dyson

Found 18th Nov 2016
Powerful suction, cord-free and portable.


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Very good price and straight from Dyson

Been the same price..

Got one of these but it just dies far too quick …. Dysons insistence that it has “full power all the time” means that as soon as the battery charge starts to drop the electronics cuts off the power and it stops dead…. Very very annoying … I would much rather have a cleaner that continued to limp on, even at half power, than this which turns into a useless brick and doesn’t work at all. (Nice price though :))

I see your point but stopping dead once the battery has gone over a discharge threshold protects the battery from damage.

does not have the mini motorised head

found better model here and 98p saving

this comes with motorised head


Can you buy an extension tube for the top dog?
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