Dyson V6 Trigger Handheld Vacuum Cleaner was £199 now £149 + add £1 item get both for £130 @ Tesco Direct

Dyson V6 Trigger Handheld Vacuum Cleaner was £199 now £149 + add £1 item get both for £130 @ Tesco Direct

Found 26th Aug 2016
Tesco Direct have price matched Curry's £149 offer on this Dyson V6 Trigger Handheld Vacuum Cleaner in Iron & Yellow BUT you can use one of the codes Tesco have for money off, ie £10 off £75 spend (TDX-KTRP) or £20 off £150 (TDX-GNKF) so you can either use just the £10 off code & get it for £139 or add something cheap from the offer ie Disney Infinity 3.0 Power Discs Rise Against the Empire for £1, use the £20 off code & get the Dyson & the discs for £130.

Has excellent reviews across the net

The Dyson V6 Trigger is a small and nimble yet powerful bagless handheld vacuum cleaner that uses powerful patented cyclone technology to sweep up even the finest dust particles.

Powered by Dyson's powerful motor V6

The Dyson V6 Trigger is powered by Dyson's V6 motor. Thanks to clever engineering Dyson has managed to keep the motor small yet powerful, making the Trigger light and easy to carry around yet able to handle dust removal tasks with ease.

Advanced cyclone technology captures fine dust

Using Dyson's patented cyclone technology, the inside of your V6 Trigger has been designed for an increase airflow. This means better suction and the ability to capture fine dust particles that may otherwise be missed as powerful forces spin dust and dirt out of the air and into the bin for collection.

Up to 20 minutes of powerful suction

The V6 Trigger has a Trigger grip that releases instantly to enhance run time, so battery power is only used for vacuuming as cleaning only starts the moment you squeeze the trigger so you run out of charge less easily.

Max power mode for even stronger suction

A push button on the rear end lets you select a maximum power mode for six minutes of higher suction for stronger dirt removal. Handy for when you want a faster more efficient clean.

Lightweight and ergonomic

The V6 Trigger is ergonomically built to fit naturally into the shape of your hands. Its design evenly distributes the weight for easy handling to make using the device more comfortable to use over longer periods so you don't get sore hands while vacuuming.

Suitable for most floor types and in car cleaning

Your Dyson V6 Trigger is a versatile bagless handheld vacuum built to clean most floor types commonly found in homes. It will remove dirt and dust from carpets, wood floors, laminate, tiles and stone floors with minimum fuss. It's also handy for in car cleaning should you want to give your motor an interior spring clean.

Handy cleaning tools to help you clean up

Also inside the box you'll find a couple of handy tools to help you clean difficult areas. A combination accessory tool with a brush makes cleaning shelves easier, while a crevice tool helps you vacuum narrow areas and hard to reach spots.

No bag hygienic bin emptying

The Dyson V6 Trigger is bagless making it easier and more hygienic to empty once its capacity is full. With one-touch emptying simply push the button to release the dirt.
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I just tried ordering and the code wouldn't work for me? Weird.
Have you added he extra £1 to make it £150?
Code not working for me either.1.80 added.says not valid on this offer. Electrical only.
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These are great, highly recommended.
I got two DC34's when eBay had the 20% off deal from the Dyson store.
They are referbs but look brand new I seem to remember £89.00 each - they have dropped in price http://stores.ebay.co.uk/dysonoutlet/?_nkw=hand+held&submit=&_armrs=1
not the same as v6
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£3.00 8gb usb not bad to get £20.00 off. You have to buy any electrical to get the discount. It won't work if you add other items in your bag. Hope this helps someone. Ordered mine. Thanks
Hmm, get this or wait for the V8 deals

I take it only the brush tool is supplied with this model!?
Great deal. I just ordered it. Definitely works
Can you buy the attachments to turn this into a v6 cordless? If so, how much is it?
Edited by: "ramseypm" 28th Aug 2016
nice, thanks
Brilliant deal, thanks so much! I added the £1 item, and got £20 off. I've been waiting for a good deal to order one of these! Heat added
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