Dyson V8 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner £437 (RRP £499) @ Go Electrical

Dyson V8 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner £437 (RRP £499) @ Go Electrical

Found 18th Aug 2016
I've been looking to get this for a long time. The cheapest from Flubit was £470 and Tesco Direct deal posted on another deal for £20 off would only bring it down to £479. So was amazed to find this deal!! I ordered on Tuesday but wanted to wait till it arrived to see if they were genuine seller because I've never heard of them before. It arrived today with 1hr delivery slot by text message. Great price and great service IMHO. Haven't unboxed yet, but all packaging looks good. Hope the deal is good for someone looking for it.
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This is a serious amount of coin for a hoover. Hope you get value for money out of what I can only say as the most over priced plastic tat. I would save 300 and use it on something worth while?
Seriously amazed at people buying these tosh for the money not worth more and £130 max. Dyson marketing department are pushing the boundaries in how much they can market a price. They are definitely reaching out people who want to develop cleaning OCD as their hobby.
destined for the recycling centre just a few months out of guarantee.
Lol. Fair enough. Each to their own. It is a premium product granted, but so is a BMW, yet loads of them around! I'm sure someone will benefit from this. (_;)
Alot of people being negative about these.Have a v6 absolute and and a animal and both are worth every penny.Dame people complaining probably own an iphone so enough said.If I needed another I wouldn't hesitate to get another dyson handheld over the usual throw away tat.
Lol. True.
Hey all listen up, ( said in a local pub in a james bond accent) I've got a dyson ! wow the aston martin of
vacuums ( hoover is a trade name) oooh happy days !
I have no problem with innovation and Dyson's have been with British engineering. People will love it and do love it but its down to how you can justify the cost and I cant see it myself and I do work in the trade. These are more expensive than a lot of their uprights and cylinders which have a lot more "material" to them. The technology does not justify the price.

Not much difference between the DC16 to DC58 or the SV03/05/06 which are the V6/V8 models. They are releasing old models with new names 58's are the V6 and the Animal is now called the Trigger Pro or something.

The technology in these have been scaled by Dyson for some time now pedalled as new tech when it isn't any more and the efficiencies are tiny. Stuff your seeing now they developed years ago.

Cant really compare this to a BMW a lot of new ones are fleet business cars or leased and not really comparable not many are purchased for cash like this would be.

And I don't own an iphone Apple are the same as Dyson. Nice marketing which people buy into and they are both marketed in the same way.
I own many Apple products and they are great value for money. If the deal is not for you, why waste so much effort in slating it? Really confusing IMO, I'd just move along. I'll be here till eternity if I was to slate every product listed if it's not my cup of tea....not really rocket science is it? If it helps you, good, if not, so be it. Thanks for your time even though I don't agree with any of your comments.
u gotta use one of these before u criticise, they are absolutely fantastic

Dyson are probably the closest thing to Apple, continuously developing new products that nobody really needs but still buy!!
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£424 at very use code KHUPW
People will fully ignore what I say on this and I am glad you got it for much cheaper and you are after one and I'm not slating the deal, not mentioned that at all and fully happy with people taking it up if they want to.

I am just mentioning that I cant justify the outlay for what you get and the performance it can offer for the price. I've tested and repaired every Dyson product all the way back to the DA01 and the only ones that I can say have been really good are the DC01,DC05,DC07,DC14 after that Dyson have struggled IMO to justify the price for the technology they are providing us with and they have not pushed it far enough to justify the cost.

For this model I can say the motor and handle unit the main working part of the machine costs Dyson roughly £20 the battery would cost them roughly £25 so the two mains parts would cost no more than £50 max and the rest of the machine is moulded plastic with the box/packaging/manual/etc. so say £100 all in and comparing that to the performance and material costs to their cheaper uprights and cylinders which you would get better overall vacuuming from those than one of this by a long shot.

I cant see what the rest of the £337 is for, it's ridiculously expensive research, high cost marketing, Customer services/cant count engineers to repair them as they are replaced and done in house where the uprights and cylinders mostly done out on the road. They will still be making 100% GP on the costs to get it to the door.

Again like with Apple I cant justify the outlay because there are much cheaper options around that can do exactly the same. I know more people who have had problems with iphones than any other phone my sister-in-law has had 3 and they have all had problems and broke but she still buys then because she has brought into the marketing and it's the same with Dyson.

Yes, its a bargain price for this product but it isn't a bargain product for the price.
the porter

£424 at very use code KHUPW

Not working for me - can anyone get this applied on their basket?

I just phoned Very up and spent 30 mins on the phone trying to get them to apply the code, but they don't seem to know what they're doing as they agreee it should be valid, but can't apply it. (_;)

Again like with Apple I cant justify the outlay because there are much … Again like with Apple I cant justify the outlay because there are much cheaper options around that can do exactly the same.

Which cheaper options?
£419 at Hughes - use code save30 and
2.5% quidco bringing it down to £410.62
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