E 410DZ Digital SLR Twin Lens Kit - Digital SLR Camera for £169.97 at PC World
E 410DZ Digital SLR Twin Lens Kit - Digital SLR Camera for £169.97 at PC World

E 410DZ Digital SLR Twin Lens Kit - Digital SLR Camera for £169.97 at PC World

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Hi all, I am after an entry level DSLR when I stumbled across what appears to be a bargain.
Not available for online ordering, but you can collect at store - unfortunately all the ones near me are out of stock.
Not only are you getting the Base Unit, you are also getting two lenses, the same package is being sold at Currys for £283.79.
A fantastic all round camera with multiple impressive capabilities, the Olympus E 410DZ 10 million pixel Digital SLR Twin Lens Kit exploits the Four Thirds system and provides fantastic compact and lightweight photography that is unusual to find in tandem with SLR technology.

Although having a more retro feel, the E-410DZ certainly upholds modern technology with a variety of features. These include Live View, a wide variety of shooting and scene modes, a 49-zone multi-pattern metering system, a variety of spot metering options (spot, highlight based spot, shadow based spot), 3 fps continuous shooting, and depth of field preview.

To ensure dirt wont hinder your photography experience, the E-410DZ Digital SLR features a Supersonic Wave Filter to ensure nothing will get in the way of that perfect photo, even in the windiest of safaris! You can rest assured that the picture quality will match up to your high standards with the Olympus TruePic III processor and high quality Live MOS Image Sensor.

The E-410DZ Digital SLR Camera includes two lenses. These are the Olympus ED 14-42mm f3.5-5.6, and the Olympus ED 40-150mm f4.0-5.6 Lenses. In 35mm terms these equate to 28-84mm and 80-300mm lenses (the E-410 has a 2x crop factor).

Versatility is the name of this camera with wide-angle to telephoto capabilities to ensure every single photo has fantastic quality whether your capturing a beautiful wide-angle landscape shot or your up close and personal.

Ideal for both the beginner and the pro, the Olympus E 410DZ Digital SLR Twin Lens Kit can be made as simplistic or complex as you desire. The lightweight design will take you places that you never thought possible with a SLR camera, at an affordable price.

I am going to see if I can get someone to Price Match this deal.

Failing that, can anyone recommend a decent alternative, a good deal on the Sony A350 would be appreciated.... :-)


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Apologies guys, it looks like this has already been posted a few days ago, I must've missed it...

Any deals on the A350 are still welcome though...

Not a lot of stock around it seems - but thanks for posting the deal again, I missed it being posted before.

Have a great new year - though there's still 6 Deal days till the New Year!

Great price, just a shame no one has any stock.

i can offer rolls royces at 10p and then have no stock!

at least two in lincoln if anyone is near (8 o clock this morning)

I got one christmas eve
great bit of kit
just got to figure how to use it

Would Currys price match? i just wondered considering they are part of the same chain.


i can offer rolls royces at 10p and then have no stock!

I'll order 10 please for when you get some more in. :thumbsup:

The web site took a week to load and then there weren't any in stock anywhere near me.

Just picked one up in Bristol mid morning so worth checking in store as showed no stock on line.
Still had the 410 SE kit at £150 (Winterstoke Road)
Only wanted the 40-150 lens for my 510 and this seemed the most cost effective way of buying it. Just need to sell the body and 14-42!

for online stock checks there has to be at least 4 available so check stores as they may have less than 4.

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Currys were happy to pricematch as they had the same package. Unfortunately he only had the display model left, and when he was checking the box, there was no charger (and none in any of the other Olympus boxes), so I left empty handed. Going to try another store, and also PC World on the off chance....

According to PC World says they are out of stock everywhere. Also, I tried to get Currys to pricematch but they said they would only do it if PC World had them in-stock.

I had the same response at the Coventry branch of Currys, they would only price match with another store, if the other store had it in stock. Which really defeats the object, if the other store has it in stock, you wouldn't want the price match!

I was wandering through PC world (HULL) and stumbled onto this little puppy...
I really had my mind set on a canon 450D, but I thought it would have been very irrisponcible NOT to buy one at this price...

So I bought the last one in the place. Sorry guys :whistling:

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May be a ray of hope for anyone who is still interested in picking up this camera - thanks goes to Bumbles2 at the money saving expert forum.
1) Go to a PC World and get them to find a Currys store which has them in stock (this will show on their computer system).
2) Get them to ring the store and ask for a 'GA'. (Not sure what this stands for but it means the stock gets transferred from Currys to PC World)
3) Pay for camera at PC World at £169
4) Pick up camera at Currys store.

I picked up mine today at Currys after paying PC World £169...

I went into three different PC Worlds (Grimsby, Lincoln and Sheffield) and they all had them in stock.


nothing less than a SCAM , just to get you into the storebankers. the … nothing less than a SCAM , just to get you into the storebankers. the lot of 'em.....we dont need 'deals' llike this, u dont advertise such a deal nationally, when u only have 1 in some remote store somewhere.... disgracefull pc world as usual it seems

Was fairly widespread availabilty, I picked one up from Leicester on Boxing Day...
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