E-Buyer Happy Hour (Today) 11am - 1pm !!!!!!!
E-Buyer Happy Hour (Today) 11am - 1pm !!!!!!!

E-Buyer Happy Hour (Today) 11am - 1pm !!!!!!!

E-Buyer are having one of their happy hour sales again, great bargains if you get there in time!

Go through Quidco for an extra 1.5% off

Note: For some reason the link just takes you to the homepage! Look for the button on the right of the page!
- KrisReynolds


thanks for that, have noted it in my diary

Thanks for this KrisReynolds

Hope there will be some good bargains !!

Oh wow, it couldnt have been MADE for me better!
My ex partner comes round 11-1 on a wednesday, and we dont talk so i sit and surf the net, woohooo, guess where ill be surfing on wednesday :giggle: i just hope the order i placed a couple of days isnt reduced!

Cheers for this.

Unfortunately "happy hour" deals have been pretty poor in the past.

Let's hope this one's much better!


This starts today @ 11 AM



Thanks for this KrisReynolds and edi for the reminder!

I was going to bump this up, but you bet me to it!

1 hour and 12 minutes and counting......on your marks.......

1 hour 8 mins! Ooh this is getting exciting!

Calm down dear, its just a commercial.

Bumpy dumpy - only approx 5 minutes!

1 minute.......

Haha theres a count down on ebuyer!

OK, this is lame :-(

Can't find anything good.

nothing good when I looked

I cant find anything in the sale :giggle:
Im probably being blind!

Looked like a terrible sale to me, very disappointing, oh well.


Was £126.47
Now £124.99
Save £1.00


I see their maths is as good as their happy hour :giggle:

bumpy dumpy?

I'm glad I forgot to get up for this now lol

Well, i bought something from here!

Bought a flute for the other half. Was £49.99, paid £40.85 inc. P&P. Still....cheap for a flute tho! :thumbsup:
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