e-machine Multimedia PC

e-machine Multimedia PC

Found 8th Aug 2006
Found this whilst shopping at my local Asda store - AMD Duron 3200+ 1.8 GHz processor, CDRW/DVD-/+, 15" TFT, 80 GB hard drive with keyboard, mouse and speakers all for £299!!
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Would be wary about eMachines - not upgradable at all really, same goes with DELL though.
All down to personal choice... :-D

Thanks for the post and welcome to HUKD chesham74 :wink:
Welcome to HotUKDeals and Thanks for the post chesham74

Added a little more to the title to reflect some good points
Are we sure this is a Duron? If that's the case it's a cut-down version of a four-year-old chip (Athlon XP), and not even a Sempron (which is effectively an older Athlon 64).

If it is a Duron, don't bother with it. Seriously.
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