E-Motion 50/209G 50 Inch Full HD 1080p LED TV With Freeview £359 @ Tesco

E-Motion 50/209G 50 Inch Full HD 1080p LED TV With Freeview £359 @ Tesco

Found 27th Dec 2013
These tellies are also in-store too saw half a dozen in one store and about 4 in another yesterday afternoon. They could be an absolute bargain for the size, as long as the picture quality is good. 3 HDMI, VGA etc. (component too I think, although the online spec sheet doesn't reflect that so needs to be confirmed) Only 50Hz tho, but could still be acceptable and more than likely to have slightly shoddy epg/menu/upscaling software, but if you're like me and use a Media PC & AV amp and effectively just use the panel as a monitor it could turn out to be a bargain

I've been trying to find who makes these panels as they're obviously re-branded no-name kit, but to no avail. No reviews anywhere, no other sellers. Only thing I can find is a link to the user manual on UMC UK Ltd (http://www.umc-uk.co.uk/Instruction-Manuals.php) UMC do appear to be a Slovakian panel manufacturer (http://www.umc-slovakia.sk/), and I understand many 'branded' tvs are also manufactured, or at least assembled in Slovakia also. UMC don't appear to actually manufacture a 50" panel of their own so I hit a dead end there...

I'm also surprised that noone here on HUKD seems to have posted it yet, unless I just being useless and haven't found the post. Even if it turns out to be crap and voted freezing

Would love to get some feedback from anyone who might have taken the punt and bought one
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Not for me thanks. The Panasonic ones from tesco yesterday at 299 were a better buy Imo
Yeah the Panny plasmas are great. I've had a 42" viera for over 5 years now and have been sorely tempted by the 720p 50" but really wanted to go 1080p this time.
think its made by umc here is the instruction-manuals
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think its made by umc … think its made by umc http://www.umc-uk.co.uk/instruction-manuals/Emotion-brand/50%20inch/User%20Guide%20-%20emotion%20-%2050-209G-GB-5B-FTCU-UK%20WEB.pdf

some of the 40" & 42" UMC sets use Samsung panels. Be interesting to see what sort of panel is in this.
I took a punt and went for it, an dya know, it's not half bad. Blacks aren't as deep as with my old Panasonic plasma, but I think that's to be expected even compared with some of the more expensive LCD/LED panels. Had a fiddle with the brightness/contrast settings as the built in ones are a bit iffy, and with a 1080p source from the media pc via HDMI the picture is pretty damn good.

XBox360 picture is bright and crisp too, no real motion blur that I noticed but didn't do a real in-depth test. Not tested the tuner yet either, will comment again later when I get chance.

So far, it seems well worth the 360 quid. Hopefully I won't be eating my words in 3 months if it blows up, but then who cares, it'll be in warranty.

Voted hot, wasn't actually sure when I posted the deal
The stands are poo hat to send two of them back and got my money back don't ease your money
I might give it a go. 1080p and 50inch screen. Just hope its as good as they make out...

Please can someone let me know if this TV will be good enough for Gaming on the xbox one? as i Know it only runs at 50HZ
the xbox one runs at 60HZ

Many Thanks
Hi the TV is able to output at 60HZ - when I switch inputs to my Xbox 360 it auto changes to 1080p 60HZ. Can't see why the X would be different.The only reason sky HD, Virgin etc display at 50HZ is because that's what they broadcast at. Will be the same on any TV.

One gripe was attaching the glass stand. Took forever screwing in, loosening, then screwing again till I got all the base screws in tight.

But I'm very happy with it now it's up. Great picture and sound on it :-)
If any stores happen to have any of these left sitting in the warehouse and not on the shopfloor, like my local one did, they are currently scanning at the till at £214 which is how much i paid for it last week. Might be worth asking customer services to do a product search.
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