e-On - ShowerSave

e-On - ShowerSave

Found 24th May 2010
From their site

This month's offer is a free E.ON ShowerSave*. It's available to customers signed up to 10:10 and could save you up to £40** per year on your utility bills.

E.ON's ShowerSave:

Helps to reduce the amount of water you use
Still allows you to have a decent shower
Is easy to fit and only takes a few minutes, just install it between your shower and hose
Comes with a 15 year guarantee on flow rate control element

ShowerSave .. it was there 2-3 months back and then disappeared It seems is back on e-On.

I think you have to be existing customer and be a part of their 10:10 campaign to order one.

  1. Freebies

I got 1 from last offer. it took them a month to send. all it does you can do by open half tap . so it don't really save water. Instead it takes longer to have shower


dont waste your time. useless device.

mine gone into bin straight when i saw it lol



mine gone into bin straight when i saw it lol

which is my point about them being useless. Just hope the taxpayer / homeowner doesnt indirectly have to pay for all these 'saving' devices utility companies are being forced to provide by the government.

Again? .... seriously?
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