E & R Classic KPN883 Sewing Machine £68 @ Argos

E & R Classic KPN883 Sewing Machine £68 @ Argos

Found 22nd Jul 2010
£68.99 was £174.99 !!!

My gf was driving me nuts about how she wanted a sewing machine for her dresses and other things and so decided to hunt for a bargain.............and there it is. The machine itself comes with 2 yrs warranty and has pretty good reviews. enjoy


Never heard of this company. TJ Hughes are selling a Brother Sewing Machine model number
LS 2125 for £59.99. RRP Is £130.00 but that doesn't mean much. Review seems good not sure if to get one myself. Does anyone own one of these?

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i guess the difference is that E & R has "22 stiching modes" whereas the Brother does only 14 as my gf pointed out.

But it's a bigger brand and cost less. Can't really see many review of the E&R Classic other then on Argos......

Bought this machine at Argos, its very crap machine I should say, one day it works perfectly, other absolutely not, and cant understand why, very disappointed, better to get something German quality, will save your time and nerves...
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