Unfortunately, this deal has expired 14 October 2023.
Posted 4 October 2023

EA FC 24 + PS5 Disc Console

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  • Play Closer with the PlayStation5 Console – EA SPORTS FC 24 Bundle
  • Play EA SPORTS FC 24 with PS5 innovations including DualSense wireless controller haptic feedback, immersive 3D Audio and incredible speed with the PS5’s SSD.
  • PlayStation5 Console – EA SPORTS FC 24 Bundle includes: 1) EA SPORTS FC 24 full game voucher (playable on 29/9) 2) Voucher for EA SPORTS FC 24 Ultimate Team digital content (one Rare Gold Player's Pack & 3 Untradeable loan Icon players for 5 Ultimate Team matches)
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  1. CupN00dle's avatar
    Love how the title is like buy FIFA 24 for £409.99 and get a PS5 included
  2. shopkeeper's avatar
    Is there a reason PS5 are so much more widely available it seems from the numerous deals posted here? Is a new PS on the way?
    YumSoup's avatar
    No but the current gen refresh likely Is. Soon
  3. theangrycat's avatar
    is this better than the Smyths toys deal?
    karlypants's avatar
    No. You get another game at smyths!
  4. fossman's avatar
    The slim disc version has a RRP of £479.99
  5. daz_75's avatar
    Why would you buy this when you can get it for the same price from argos but with an extra game?
    john184's avatar
    Why give Amazon money when you could actually support a shop and workers that get treated (more) fairly. Amazon only ever price match. Support retail and the high street before giving these shills your money. If you don't and the competition is driven to the wall you can expect no deals from Amazon. They are a big enough monopoly as it is.
  6. GreyLFC's avatar
    Got the argos deal earlier for same price but with final fantasy also free ready for the boy for xmas. (edited)
  7. Shenx's avatar
    Cold from me


    Argos same deal and price also. Not checked game tho am sure something the same
  8. Galwaydave's avatar
    M19C's avatar
    Where is that?
  9. Galwaydave's avatar
    As always a good deal is not available to Irish customers. Think it's time to cancel prime
    Jason_2019's avatar
    What is this about?
    I can get a ps5 disc(non offer) delivered from amazon for £480( or any xbox console) but they won't let you ship this deal version?
    That's a disgrace.
  10. farook_yakub's avatar
    People selling g off the fc24 codes when they get ps5
  11. scottydogg81's avatar
    Price match
  12. Ziggypoptastic's avatar
    Any deals with ff16?
  13. Chewkungfu's avatar
    Tempted by the six monthly payments option. Holding out for Spidey 2 bundle /better deals on Prime Big Deal day next week/ Black Friday etc. Sellers crawling over each other to shed stock. (edited)
  14. Galwaydave's avatar
    Down to 341.66 now
    CallMeMcLovin's avatar
    Still the same price
  15. dr_mj_99's avatar
    This deal better than the Argos deal?
  16. Damian_Binns's avatar
    Do we think it will be any cheaper come Black Friday??
    Nym2105's avatar
    Doubt it but may got more for your money like extra game or something
  17. james.pondBzo's avatar
    Every year they buy FIFA 18.0

    This is 18.4
    Zooicidal's avatar
    More like 17 this year.
  18. YourUserNameIsTaken's avatar
    Argh. Temping as my boy wants that new fifa. Might hold off a see what's on offer on prime day
  19. headboard99's avatar
    Just a heads up on the FIFA game...... you have to be 13 to play it online. I got this through EE and set up an account for my 12 year old . He can't even use ultimate team because he's not 13. It's something to do with ps5 rules because his ps4 was fine.
  20. telboy69's avatar
    Even though I have a xbox hats off to Sony.Microsoft need to react to this very quickly otherwise user base will be 90% to Sony 10% xbox
  21. HottUKDealer's avatar
    Last football game I played on a console was Sensible Soccer on the SNES. As you can tell I’m not in to football games but this is a good price
  22. A_H2020's avatar
    Wow amazing price. Spent 540 for a bundle last November
  23. OhTyler's avatar
    Definitely a slimmer, smaller PS5 on the horizon I feel. About time too as these current consoles are hideous. The PS5 looks different but terrible and the Series X couldn't get any more plain Jane if it tried. (edited)
    Grey101Ace's avatar
    I know, it's what is stopping me buying one, too large and horrible looking.

    So hope a new slim PS5 does manage to not look crap, but since most slim models are based around the original I'm not convinced.

    🤞 For slim PS5 for Christmas.
  24. Skyler85's avatar
    Ordered. Game no good to me as daughters won't play it. But great price. Thanks
    Mr.Nutts's avatar
    Hi, please do let me know if you’d be interested in selling it. Though if I’m being completely honest, there will be plenty of people that will pay more than I would for it. (I only play once a month or so with my Dad so I don’t like paying a lot for it. I just have an older release Fifa on Xbox)
  25. OhTyler's avatar
    I bought another recently to play Baldurs Gate 3. It's playable but such a game deserves to be played with a mouse and keyboard, so also bought it on Steam to play on my laptop and it's a completely different experience.

    I have an account with the game on it I'm happy to let somebody have for a tenner? They can change the details and it can also be played from their own account. I paid £40 something for a couple of weeks ago it so aren't giving it away at this point. But may do in the near future otherwise.
  26. Brian_Floccinaucinihilipi's avatar
    Great deal. Heat
's avatar