EA Games - latest game "Spore" free Creature Creator download  for PC/MAC

EA Games - latest game "Spore" free Creature Creator download for PC/MAC

Found 21st Aug 2008
EA Games have got a new game coming out that looks absolutely brilliant, especially for kids. An English guy is the designer of these fabulous looking creatures, he had no interest in drawing whatsover, until after he had recovered from a stroke. Invented by the people who created The Sims this is a free download using 25% of the actual parts available on the real game, not yet available for PC and all the other platforms. It's a good way to see if you think you will like it.

SPORE Creature Creator is a powerful yet easy-to-use creation tool that anyone with a PC or Mac and a mouse can enjoy. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can assemble your creature from a wide range of parts. How do you feel about tentacles? Why only two eyes? Pull and stretch those parts exactly as you choose, then paint your creature with unique colors and patternsthis truly unprecedented level of flexibility lets you make a limitless number of fun creatures. Bring those creatures to lifesee how they dance, strike a pose, and much more. In just a few minutes, anyone can easily make incredible animated creatures. You can share your favorites with friends using simple built-in tools, then visit the SPORE website and look at all the other cool creatures your friends and people all around the world are makingand then pull them into your SPORE Creature Creator and play with them! What you create is entirely up to youwith SPORE, the only limit is your imagination.

You can download the free trial version now on PC and Mac. Don't forget to check out the readme file for hints and tips on using the creature creator.


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Hmm, not sure now if I want the kids to create that one!! lol great find!!

My kids have had the trial version for a week or two and loved it so much I had to splash out the £4.99 for the full version, they can't wait for the full Spore game to be released next month.

Cold. This is a trial. NOT a full version free game.


Cold. This is a trial. NOT a full version free game.

Read the first post, do try to understand the language. The situation is explained in fairly short words.

So WTF have you voted cold? :?

Same for me I'm afraid, COLD...

Every single PC game in the market is available in free trial version, why treat this one differently? It only contains a sample of the features available in the free product (25% of the parts) while the complete Creature Creator is not free, which in itself is only one little part of the forthcoming game Spore.
If you vote this hot, then you'll have to vote hot each and every of the hundreds of game demos that are released every year.

Beside, this has been available for 1 or 2 months already, and now the full game will be released in just a week's time it's not such a hot find anymore. Thegood news is, if they follow the logic, there will be a trial version of the full Spore game.

Having said that, I've been waiting for Spore for over 2 years now, and if the name of Will Wright, creator of the Sim City franchise and The Sims series, is anything to go by, this game will make history. To date, it is the most ambitious game ever, featuring nothing less than 5 games in one (Creator + 4 phases of active game). It will also cover a lot more than has ever been done before, while you guide your creatures through history, from single-cell bacteria to space conquest.
This is the ONE greatest game that will be released this year.

Be part of history... Watch out for the real thing...

More info here:

Trial versions are not deals. This's been out for a long time, too.

As previously stated to 'unlock' this fully you have to pay £5.

I smell an advertisment/EA representative plant.


I smell an advertisment/EA representative plant.

I wouldn't put it past them. Shoddy computer code + millions of sales do not equal great games, its just the fact they've paid for the official licences or bought up the decent company that made the game in the first place *cough*Maxis*cough*.

EA never get any of MY money, I buy my EA games second hand! Hahahaha!
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