EA Sports Active 2 @ coke zone for 300 points
EA Sports Active 2 @ coke zone for 300 points

EA Sports Active 2 @ coke zone for 300 points

300 points I dont know if this is good or not because I missed the £19.99 one at Morrisons. I just found this so don`t now for how long or how many. I just got xbox one went through ok


Shame I only have 170 at the moment :-(
Good to see though that they keep putting games up.
They had The Sims 3, NFS HP and Fifa 11until not long ago.

you gotta drink a lotta lotta coke to get 300 points

X) Just picked one of these up. Heat and Rep Added

Beats £50 in Tesco

well at £1 for 500ml you'd spend under £150! bargain
you never know, you might win an xbox too if you sent all those codes in at once

Cheers just told hubby who just ordered for the kids

I did this 2 years ago and ended up getting the Apple TV. Paid about £90 for the Coke and got my money back when i sold it a few months ago so effectively got the Coke for free. After 6 months though of supping the stuff i hardly touch it now and couldn't face doing anything like this again.

You can only put on 50 points a week max, so you need to have 250+ points already to make it worthwhile - Certainly not worth buying all the coke just for this, aside from the cost difference there is no way it will still be on in six weeks time.

Ordered 2 for the Wii this morning
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