EA Sports Active 2 (WII) - £6.99 @ HMV.co.uk

EA Sports Active 2 (WII) - £6.99 @ HMV.co.uk

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Found 5th Dec 2011
Quality price considering all that is included!
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Agreed, the HRM alone is worth that. Says the man who paid £9 or so a few weeks ago for the same thing. :-)
Had it bookmarked at Amazon for £9.97 (MyMemory Marketplace), but snapped this up before there all gone! Heat added.
this has been this price for ages, wish i'd posted it now. Bought 2 for crimbo presents! Seeing as this is still £20 + in Tesco its hot!
Seems a good deal have some heat..
Does each peripheral have a unique code of some sort, meaning can I buy this, just for the accessories, to allow another user to play?
Wondering something. Can you link an existing EA Sports Active 2 account to do workouts on both Xbox and Wii versions of EA Active 2? The result then being that it reflects your activity no matter which you platform you log-in to?
Is it just me or is this going into the cart @ 9.69 for all?
Showing as £9.69 in the shopping basket
Checked with HMV customer care. The offer was for limited number only and its all sold out so its back up to £9.69
No... Back t 6.99! Just bought one!
Unexpire. It's back on!
Certainly is, got it in my basket just now.

Won't be buying as I've got one from June and have a £6.99 spare from the last time HMV did this.

Been using it since June, it works, but careful on those squats and lunges, they are an absolute killer. That said I probably shouldn't have jumped right in with the 9 week course on hard (_;)
Thanks. Just got one!
Still going, just got it!
got mine today too.......had a quick look and appears to be much better than wii fit - and @ £6.99 a bargain

now just need to get motivated to use it
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£10.25 now
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