EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer (Wii) - £24.99 @ Amazon

EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer (Wii) - £24.99 @ Amazon

Found 3rd Nov 2009
Seems like the cheapest price at the moment

Product Features

* Active Fitness Made Fun & Easy Workouts feature variety and familiar activities that target upper body, lower body as well as cardio. Start off with a run, followed by bicep curls and get your heart beating with some cardio boxing. Get fit and have fun in minutes a day!
* Benefit of a Trainer in a BoxYour trainer will be the focal point of the experience guiding you towards your own version of personal achievement. Feedback will be given throughout your workout, keeping you on track to reach your fitness goals
* 30 Day ChallengeThe game will track your progress as you embark on a 30 Day Challenge and tailor workouts to your level of fitness. Circuits will change as you progress each day, and EA SPORTS Active will track calories, intensity and progress throughout your journey
* New Way to Play Slip the Nunchuk into the specially designed leg strap and hold the Wii Remote in your hand to track your movements from both your upper and lower body. A resistance band is also included to increase the intensity of exercises such as bicep curls and shoulder presses
* Workout Your Way Circuits can be customized to your interest and fitness level. Choose your duration, intensity level & set your own goals for calories burned and workout score
* Wii Balance Board CompatibilityGet more out of your EA SPORTS Active workout using a Wii Balance Board with added functionality and physical benefits for many exercises.


my oh wants this does any body have it is it good eg better than wii fit this is the cheapest ive seen it


its 4.3 x better than wii fit but there is an expansion/sequel coming … its 4.3 x better than wii fit but there is an expansion/sequel coming soon

4.3 x better lol thanks do you mean a sequel to ea sports or wii fit ? as the wii fit plus is out now is wii fit plus any good anybody

I have this and it is brilliant!! Got wii fit too but sports active is proper exercise..and it works :thumbsup:


4.3 x better lol thanks do you mean a sequel to ea sports or wii fit ? as … 4.3 x better lol thanks do you mean a sequel to ea sports or wii fit ? as the wii fit plus is out now is wii fit plus any good anybody

At the end of November there's an expansion pack coming out for this game - EA Active - with more exercises

I haven't used this recently (since getting a dog) but both my wife and I found it very good if you're looking to do some exercise in your own home. Wii Fit is (was) fun for a while but not really effective as a means of excercising - unless of course you count leaning forward a bit as exercise - in which case no console based exercise programme is going to of any help.

Now 24.99 at play!

Original Poster

Now down to £24.99!

I have just ordered this for my Mum for Christmas having just found it on Amazon. I honestly don't understand why this deal hasn't gained more interest. On Amazon, out of 247 reviews, it's received an average of 4.5 out of 5. The reviews are very positive too - this one in particular stood out for me:

I love this product, I'm overweight from eating too much and slothing in front of the computer. I have since thought that fitness games would inspire me to get back into fitness like the good old days when I was a teen.

Here is what I found between the 3 products I tried out.

3rd place Wii Fit:
*tracked progress,
*wii fit board takes weight measurements
*Slightly tailored sessions
*Fun games
*The beeps and squeals get tiresome and repetitive (maybe less so for a younger user)
*inconsistent readings on how I am performing
*Games seem too easy and mostly don't work up a sweat.
*limited rest/workout calender.

2nd place Fitness coach:
*Somewhat inspires me to come back daily
*Personal trainer
*tracks progress
*limited workout/rest days system
*Trainer goes offbeat and makes her/him hard to follow
*no rewards
*trainer is excruciatingly repetitive
*trainer doesn't respond to your actual movement (doesn't use any equipment that feeds your movement into the wii)

1st place! EA's Active
*Detailed Reward system
*Tracks progress
*each exercise has detailed movement tracking
*Uses wii fit board, bands(included), weights, for some exercises
*Dietary and lifestyle progress/reporting (if you want it)
*great games to distract you from a tough workout -I always feel knackered and well worked after a session but somehow got though it trying to achieve the goals set.
*ingenious workout system. Choose to have a number of workouts a week OR hours per week/session OR 30 day challenge with rest days that work around days you need off OR set certain days per week
*Make sure you have fresh batteries and hold the remotes exactly as shown in the video - often it would catch me out and tell me I wasn't doing the moves right when it was just the way I was holding the remote.
*Doesn't measure weight with wii fit board.
*Resistant bands supplied were too easy (purchased some more resistant ones).

I hope there is some useful info in there for anyone who is undecided.
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