EA Sports Rory McILroy PGA TOUR on PS4 63% off on PSN for £5.79

EA Sports Rory McILroy PGA TOUR on PS4 63% off on PSN for £5.79

Found 29th Jul 2017
Mixed reviews but seems like a deal, a steal, the sale of the century! In fact I've just downloaded it myself.
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I paid around this price, its not too bad but im no pro on golf games, some the added courses are rock solid!!
Like the Lock Stock reference

Not the lowest it's been but still good. With Everybody's golf around the corner it's a no from me.
Great stuff, I got £168 of PSN credit to use.
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Been this price for months

Been this price for months

The price was dropped on the 19th as part of the current sale
Good price, enjoyed the game. Playing Golf Club 2 now, far better simulation.
Good price. Was a superb steal when it was £3.49 not long back!
Golf Club 2 is a better game and you can create your own courses too!
Rory McILroy is Golf's old news, Jordan Speith is the new man on the block.

Golf Club 2 is a better game and you can create your own courses too!

Isnt this £30 though?
Bought this when it was last on sale, really enjoyed it and has a good mix of courses.
Bought this earlier today so nice to see it posted on Hot, feels like I made the correct decision
penfold2829th Jul 2017

Been this price for months

31575713-VNtES.jpg behave yourself Penfold. Only comment when you know what you're talking about.

Much better game now than when originally released. Good price
I have this game, its good and well worth it at this price
i downloaded with EA Access, played half hour and deleted it - prefer TGC2
Heat just for the description
Grabbed it for £3.49 on plus in the last sale.
got it 3.49 last sale! got to say i got enough value out of it for that, its no where near as good as the old tigers though, im talking like 2008-2010. So many missing features and this one feels alot easier
I went back to this recently and switched over to the 3 click swing and enjoyed it a lot more, analogue just didn't feel right to me.
It's a shocking game. It's not even worth a fiver. Sony should pay us to play this rubbish
Heat for the deal, just shockingly easy. Career mode is just playing 20 holes of a whole tournament again and again and usually winning, apart from one which I tied but they still awarded me a win without a playoff, you can choose to play full 18 but it would end up even more of a farce,
and the game has no rocking soundtrack like other EA games usually has, it seems this has taken the EA golf series back 20 years its missing so much. I wish i could play TW 2004 again somehow on the PS4!!
Like some others here, got it for £3.49 in the last sale, worth every penny. Really enjoying it.
It's not worth the full price as like others have said, missing some features. But doesn't deserve it's negative reviews thats for sure. More added courses now - heat added for this price!!
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