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Swap Apex Legends' battle pass loot boxes for crafting metals by changing your region to Belgium
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Have you bought the Apex Legends battle pass but dislike the loot boxes? Here’s a crafty solution for you: quite literally, as players have figured out a way to swap their battle p… Read more

EA = Electronic Arse (highfive)


Does this allow you to get both?


Apex also has a small collection of rotating gun and character skins too.


EA have been the masters of in-game currency, microtransactions, and locked content for a lot longer than the current crop of F2P games have been around for. Just think back to the online passes that were needed back in the PS3 and 360 days.


It's interesting that Epic stayed well away from loot boxes and kept to rotating skins and dances. Maybe this is more acceptable than the excitement/addictive nature of an RNG loot box - as a parent I prefer the Epic approach myself, i.e. you can choose what you want to buy (or not) rather than 'roll the dice'. At the end of the day it all boils down to generating revenue and maximising profits for the shareholder whilst a game is flavour of the month. I should add I'm not a big fan of F2P but it clearly works for some games.

EA Publisher Sale for PlayStation and Xbox
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Battlefield V, PS4 £29.99, Xbox £30 Fifa 19, PS4 £24.99, Xbox £24 Madden NFL 19, PS4 £19.99, Xbox £15 NHL 19, PS4 £19.99 NBA Live 19 All-star Edition, PS4 £8.99, Xbox £3.75 EA Spor… Read more
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Are the ‘Disney Star Wars’ games worth buying?


But for Xbox owners it's a blessing


So Dragon Age Inquisition for £5.79... That's one I've always wondered about, has it aged well? All time classic or waste of a fiver? (It'll go straight on the pile of shame btw)


https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/ea-sale-at-playstation-psn-store-us-nba-live-19-303-burnout-paradise-remastered-379-battlefront-ultimate-ed-379-fifa-19-1504-more-3196216 Just get yourself a US account and buy from there


That's because EA has partnership with Xbox via EA Access. It's 10% even more cheaper if you have a valid EA Access subscription active on XBOX ONE

Apex Legends - Origin Access Loot Pack for FREE - 1,000 coins (£8 value), Legendary Skin & Banner
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
I recall the last Apex Legends exploit thread was popular and didn't in any way descend into a debate on legality ( Here ), so here we go... Apex Legends released the Origin Acc… Read more

My man!


got the loot, thanks OP!


Does this only work on pc?


Pc only?


Well, now someone has added an actual "cheat" to gain stuff you have no rights to, then it's even more applicable than it was before.... if someone does actually get banned for that "stealing cheat" then I will laugh my socks off... As I said, it's just news about the game.

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Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
Battlefield V players who login to the game between December 18, 2018 and January 3, 2019. A classic shotgun. An equally classic assault rifle. They’re both waiting for you. As… Read more

Much better than BF1, but I wish the menus weren't so poorly designed. Definitely have more fun playing with friends in a squad rather than solo.


Yeah flock to the new because it's new is problem your right..ask mobile phone users (y) (lol)


It means lots of ppl play the game regardless of the price...


Why does mean something, so are BF 3, 4 and 1..


And yet the servers are full...

EA GAMES Up To 75% Sale
Found 22nd Dec 2018Found 22nd Dec 2018

Activision are a shit ton worse.


Mass Effect 2 & 3 DLC bundles are 60% off


EA bad


Got my eye on the FIFA + Madden Xbox bundle, must try to not buy (shock)


£22 for Madden 19 is really good.

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The Sims™ 4 @ Origin - Base Game £8.74
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
The Sims 4 base game is normally expensive and if it's cheap you need to get it from a cd key site (nothing wrong with that but might put certain people off). EA is selling the gam… Read more
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Thank you! Do you get used to it? I was a little disappointed by that.


Sims 4 loads each area separately (unlike Sims 3 which loaded the entire world at once) which is why you will still get loading screens even with the full version.


The expansions are around £10 - £15 if on sale.


Had a demo of this game, in sims 3 if you tell the sim to go somewhere you watch it travelling there. On the demo, I got loading screens when moving between locations (i.e home and work). Is this how the sims 4 works please or was it just the demo version? Thanks in advance if anyone knows!! :)


Yes there is but they will soon want add on’s which mount up. My 12 year old loves game but she saves pocket money to buy the packs.

BfV if you have bf1/bf4 All platforms £27.50 @ EA
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
BfV if you have bf1/bf4 All platforms £27.50 @ EA
Received an email from EA offering BF5 for 27.50 for normal and 34.99 for Deluxe. All platforms I believe. It’s for people who already have bf5 or bf1.


Not a bad deal however I'm disappointed that there are large areas of the game specifically Dice's take on 'Battle Royale' isn't available until March 2019. There are far too many AAA games being released unfinished. I played this game for a few hours round a friend's house and I was underwhelmed by a majority of the maps that I played.


I could only see the deluxe offer too


Has anyone managed to get the standard edition offer on PS4?


I own quite a few battlefield games on Origin and can't get this offer to pop up. I've tried opening BF1 and BF4 then playing about in the menus for a bit but can't find anything. I see a "Purchase Battlefield 5" button but that takes me to a page that shows full price.

Madden 19, Fifa19, Nba live 19 and NHL19 - £114.99 @ EA Games
Found 1st Dec 2018Found 1st Dec 2018
Madden 19, Fifa19, Nba live 19 and NHL19 - £114.99 @ EA Games
Guys received this email this morning works out as 28.75 for each game.

Replace fifa with PES and NBA Live with NBA 2k


I love the ea sports games but is is freezing


Why would you pay £114.99 for 4 games that will be in the vault in the not too distant future.


It’s gonna get chilly in here

[PC/PS4/Xbox One] Anthem Closed Alpha - (Dec. 8th & 9th) - Signs Ups Close Monday
Found 30th Nov 2018Found 30th Nov 2018
[PC/PS4/Xbox One] Anthem Closed Alpha - (Dec. 8th & 9th) - Signs Ups Close Monday
Anybody interested in the Anthem Closed Alpha? If you are then you need to get signed up before this Monday when the application closes. The Beta will run on Saturday 8th December … Read more
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I tried all four time slots and never got any further than "connecting online services... " :(


i mentioned to a friend to register after i register myself, he got approved but i didnt, he downloded the game but didnt manage to connect, i guess at least i didnt waste my time trying this


Did anyone actually manage to play it?


Tried again, still not able to join... "Connecting to Online Services..."



30% off Digital FIFA 19 Standard Edition if you own FIFA 16, FIFA 17, or FIFA 18 [Xbox One & PS4] - Additional 10% if you have EA Access
LocalLocalFound 21st Oct 2018Found 21st Oct 2018
"FIFA 19 LOYALTY OFFER Owners of FIFA 16, FIFA 17, and FIFA 18 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are eligible for a limited-time loyalty offer: get 30% off* of FIFA 19 Standard Editio… Read more

Either way bargain to me and many other game sharers


I do and it's still not a great deal because as i said a miles better deal is imminent. Splitting the cost is irrelevant because you'll be able to do that on a deal that is actually hot. Finished at a whopping -301


For £17.50 it’s a bargain but you don’t see it that way because you don’t game share, I mean you don’t even know what it is


Getting colder. Point is it'll be very cheap soon enough including digitally for a deal 40% off for 40 rubs it's poor.


I stated how game sharing gets me things free that others pay upwards of £10-30 for, bargain getting Fifa 19 at £17.50 whether you see it or not, once you know what game sharing is then you’d have a case to argue it against me

FIFA 19 Web & Companion Apps Live and Free Daily Rewards
Found 19th Sep 2018Found 19th Sep 2018
FIFA 19 Web & Companion Apps Live and Free Daily Rewards
You need to have logged onto FUT18 before 1st August 2018 on your preferred platform (PC, Xbox One or PS4) and have an account in good standing to benefit from Early Access. Not a… Read more
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Its only that more users are using the app than they anticipated and there are glitches. Apparently EA promised to rectify it asap. Interestingly, the market is so overpriced at the moment.




What happened? I thought they were meant to be live until October?


only daily rewards are suspended however loyality rewards are still being rewarded.


Awards suspended atm.

FIFA 19 10 hour Trial on EA Access Xbox (£19.99 per year subscription)
Found 19th Sep 2018Found 19th Sep 2018
FIFA 19 10 hour Trial on EA Access Xbox (£19.99 per year subscription)
Downloading Trial now!

enjoy. I think it's really good this year


Thanks mate. I'll give it a bash prior to cod release.


Yes. The ea access trial lasts all year. I played the fifa 18 one in the summer when the world cup update came out


Is this trial still available? Would like to try before splashing the cash


Not yet will do later though still debating getting the ultimate edition last 4 FIFA's all the free packs are always terrible and makes more sense to save the £30 and buy FIFA credit but as it's only saving £10 it might be worth it. Is it 10 hours from downloading or 10 hours of playing?

EA FREE MOBILE GAMES - Fifa, Starwars Galaxy of Heroes, Sim city Buildit, Plants vs Zombies Heroes
Found 11th Sep 2018Found 11th Sep 2018
EA FREE MOBILE GAMES - Fifa, Starwars Galaxy of Heroes, Sim city Buildit, Plants vs Zombies Heroes
Stop, drop, and play with EA’s roster of free games on mobile. Score big with Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA Mobile , customize your dream squad in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes , build … Read more

The way of gaming world now for a lot of companies Mainly EA. Not sure why this was posted as a deal though


Yup, with the idea being they're designed in a way to encourage (read, basically force) you to buy in game currency or be forced to grind and wait for ages. Still, they do the same in their £40 console games, so I guess at least these ones are free to start.


Haven't these always been free though???

[PS4/Xbox One/PC] Battlefield 1 Premium Pass - Free (Now live)
Refreshed 27th Sep 2018Refreshed 27th Sep 2018
UNEXPIRED 25/09 - Back free on Xbox One and PlayStation for 7 days. - Update now PC The base game is currently £5.25 on Xbox One . £4.37 on PC . Quick links to Premium Pas… Read more
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You know when you purchase this pass i thought you get certain weapons like the SMG and the SMG optical. But they still show as locked in my loadout even though i purchased the dlc. Is that normal?


Just need the XB1 version (of the game) to come down in price again. I missed it last time :(


Gee how many more times do people want to spam this post? Seeing this happen daily now..


PC version is back down to £4.37.


PlayStation really need to get EA Access as all the battlefields from 1-4 and the last one are ‘free’ and all the dlc is mostly free on Xbox one for less than £20 a year. Luckily I have both consoles but was always a PS fanboy until I got a cheap Xbox one and found EA access.

Found 2nd Sep 2018Found 2nd Sep 2018
FREE£2.99EA Games Deals

this is not an open beta only pre-order or EA access - or have I missed something


It's yet another boring sterile battlefield game. Amsterdam looks fine at 2160p but it looks like all other Ea creations in this series. Its bland and without soul. I wandered around the city, went for a swim and shot a couple of Germans. But it could be star wars or the trenches and its jus3a boring repetitive grind with the same thing time after don't. Don't gamers get bored doing exactly the same thing hour after hour? The game runs well but it's interminably boring. It's been quickly deleted. I have origins premium so I gave a go. I should have known better.


Bf1 is so laggy for me. Hope they arent wrecking the servers on purpose


Personally i loved bf1. Looking forward for this one


This is available for download free on PSN now.

[Origin Access] [June] 9 New Games Added - NFS Payback, Inside, This is The Police, The Surge, Limbo, Duskers, Alwa's Awakening, The Sexy Brutale & Sundered (10-06-2018)
Found 9th Jun 2018Found 9th Jun 2018
[Origin Access] [June] 9 New Games Added - NFS Payback, Inside, This is The Police, The Surge, Limbo, Duskers, Alwa's Awakening, The Sexy Brutale & Sundered (10-06-2018)
Source: Next, we're adding some incredible new games that our members can play as much as they want, including the blockbuster hit Need for Speed™ Payback . Not a member yet? N… Read more
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It's one of many things about Sony that bugs me at the moment.


They should really merge these accounts like XBOX Play anywhere, especially with the Premium account. I would pay £90 a year to be able to play the EA new games on both PC and Xbox One X. I shouldn't have to choose, or pay twice to play the same games!


Yea £89 a year ( can't remember the monthly cost) to get access to every new EA title 5 days before release and all the games the Vault. We'll worth it imho I appreciate you never actually own them but it's still a bargain . My only annoyance is calling the existing access accounts ' access basic" .


Unfortunately, they're separate subscriptions. Origin Access for PC and EA Access for Xbox One.


Shame Sony doesnt think this is worthy of being on the ps4.

FiFA 18 Free on EA Access (subscription required)! - Free weekend?
Found 8th Jun 2018Found 8th Jun 2018
FiFA 18 Free on EA Access (subscription required)! - Free weekend?
Fifa 18 FREE!!! About time!

World Cup


What's taking so long? They've announced 19 before they've even put 18 in the Vault.


Well I get 5ms ping on speed test to London servers 0 jitter and always get many laggy unplayable games I have no one else using my connection I believe people with great connections who dont have any other devices running get screwd with lag comp v players who have there whole family on the same line. On weekend league it's fine but I don't play FUT. Pro evolution 6 was near perfect and always had 1 half no lag as hosted a half each. That was 512k broadband good old days


No need to wait, clearly here on the Ea site..Play until the 15th.So no, not in the vault.


It is free to play this weekend as mentioned in the EA e3 press conference. IT'S NOT IN THE VAULT Deal posted with little to no information. Not helpful.

[Xbox One] Battlefield 1943 now available in the EA Access vault
Found 24th May 2018Found 24th May 2018
[Xbox One] Battlefield 1943 now available in the EA Access vault
It's not quite the FIFA 18 people are expecting, but as a bit of a heads up - Battlefield 1943 is now backwards compatible with Xbox One and is available for EA Access subscribers … Read more
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I can't see it myself as I said to you recently. Although you never know, EA may throw a curve ball on Tuesday to get those subscriber numbers up (y) (doubt it)


What?! XD


Yes because this time it look too ridiculous, it was hilarious but sad Also I can tell the game will be full of cutscenes of overtop stuff, there is so many things wrong but I'll keep it short Woman with a Prosthetic Arm in World War 2 gets shot, she managed to survive, than she manages to escape the building from a tank somehow, the playable character survived a plane crashing right next to him and a missile explosion. They slide down while shooting a 'heavy' gunner weapon, they shoot down a plane with a gun, that's the short analysis lol


contacted online chat they said i must have bought it on another gamer tag booooo hissss booooo hissssss lol

Join in on the Royal Wedding celebrations with this Kit FIFA 18 (UK only)
Found 19th May 2018Found 19th May 2018
Join in on the Royal Wedding celebrations with this Kit FIFA 18 (UK only)
Free to all UK players
Avatardeleted261453Get dealGet deal

Sums us up as a nation? Speak for yourself. I have zero interest whatsoever in the Royal Family. They two that just got married are no different to my neighbours 2 doors down that got married. I think it sums us up as a nation that we clear the streets of homeless people to hide them, yet allow complete zoomers to camp out for weeks leading up to it, pretending these people don't exist. Imagine getting excited that 2 people that have zero influence on you or even care about you, got married.


How a free thing could get so cold is truly bizarre. Probably the best thing to come out of yesterday and some great comments on the feed as well From James Hewitt references to reminding us all of the German heritage of the royals. Plus I have a nice kit as well. All for the princely sum of nothing.


I posted this deal as it was free and thought it looked good.I never in a 100 years thought a free football kit could result in so much negativity.Think it sums us up as a nation, when you can't be happy about someone getting married!It's a freebie in a football game!A game most people have never played and a game that most of the younger generation play.Looks like we are setting them a great example.I asked for it to be deleted by the mods as I never thought it would end up like this.But for some reason it got unexpired after I expired it just so more cold votes could flood in.Seems now the people off misc can't wait to flood deals with cold votes as politics and any talk is not allowed over there.It's a free kit for the UK only in a game!Think I'll stop posting deals now!


Pub League.


FIFA 18 World Cup Expansion heading to PS4, Xbox One, Switch & Windows (Update confirmed for May 29th) - PS4 & Xbox now LIVE
Refreshed 29th May 2018Refreshed 29th May 2018
FIFA 18 World Cup Expansion heading to PS4, Xbox One, Switch & Windows (Update confirmed for May 29th) - PS4 & Xbox now LIVE
PS4 now live, download started, if having issues restart your console Rumours rife atm regarding an expansion to FIFA 18 with a world Cup offering an expansion to keep us interest… Read more
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Here comes the first moaner not happy with a freebie


Just the 32 teams qualified, nothing more at least on the switch.


got it


How annoying that they haven’t updated the teams to reflect the actually squad selected by Southgate.... no Alexander Arnold, Wilshere in the squad... can’t be that difficult to include squad update?(fierce)


Yep, you don’t get owt for nowt!

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