EAD sunscreen lotion 120ml in SPF15,30&45. £1 at B&M Bargains. (RRP £6)

EAD sunscreen lotion 120ml in SPF15,30&45. £1 at B&M Bargains. (RRP £6)

Found 9th May 2015
I like a scorching deal not scorching skin, so for those of you who only like to get half baked this summer it's time to cover that face with cream.

EAD Sunscreen Lotion is available in convenient to carry, spill free120ml tubes at your local B&M in factor 15, 30 and 45 for a meagre £1.
RRP on Amazon and Ebay is typically £6-9.

The product is water resistant, contains Vitamin A & C, is non greasy, light weight and moisturising. Time to stock-up before the inevitable price hikes in summer?
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EAD SPF30 Sunscreen - 120ml
EAD SPF30 Sunscreen - 120ml
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EAD SPF30 sunscreen is specially formulated with advanced sunscreen complex enriched with an anti-oxidant blend of vitamin E & C, providing superior sun protection with deep moisturization in a lightweight, non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly, keeps skin hydrated all day. EAD sunscreen also includes advanced broad spectrum UVA, UVB protection system to block sun’s UVA and UVB rays.
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Spf 15 ain't going to be enough protection peeps
Most people suggest spf30 provides sufficient protection to stop burns for adults considering people are terrible at applying cream evenly and frequently.


Wouldn't apply less than 45 on the kids.
Factor 50+ only in my house, though this is an excellent price if you use those spf's plus any level of spf is better than nothing at all !!
Thanks OP heated added.Just bought some SPF 30 & SPF 45 in my local B&M in Stevenage
also available at 99p store. does anyone know if this stuff is effective? is there a big difference between SPF45 and SPF50+? thanks in advance
Don't know. Used the 30 factor in Portugal 2 weeks ago and only burnt on the bits I missed. Higher factors are great for kids as they'll have protection for longer as all suncreams will sweat off over time (and are supposed to be applied 2-hourly by most recommendations).
Unfortunately came back whiter than the ones in my work given the good weather in the UK.
Can't see there being much difference between a 45 and a 50 (I suppose 10% more protection).
Recent BBC news said UVA protection in suncreams are much the same but that there is a big difference in the quality of UVB protection with some big brands being poor. Don't know how this fares by comparison but it's significantly cheaper than the €20 I saw for suncream I saw in some Portugese shops so stock up before you go on your hols.
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