EAGET X5 1080p mkv media player £41 del @futeko
EAGET X5 1080p mkv media player £41 del @futeko

EAGET X5 1080p mkv media player £41 del @futeko

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Yes it's a no name brand and you haven't heard of the company but this little box is excellent.

From the website

The EAGET X5 is a brand new media player that gives performance on a par with players costing many times more.

The EAGET X5 is a 'proper' full-HD 1080p HD Media Player. There are other low-price players available using older chipsets that are only capable of 720p playback with limited file format support. These are sometimes mis-advertised as 1080p or 'upscale to 1080p' (e.g. Sumvision Cyclone Micro, Kworld M101). The EAGET X5 uses a brand new chipset (October 2010) and has decoding performance better than many players in the £100-200 price range. It will playback virtually any file you could find at full-HD 1080p and decode 7.1 channel HD-Audio. We are the first place in Europe to sell a player based on this new technology.

File format support:

Video: mkv, ts, m2ts, mts, tp, wmv, vob, dat, avi, mpg, mp4, mov, rm, rmvb, divx, xvid, flv
Subtitle: sub, smi, ssa, srt
The X5 is capable of 1080p Full-HD video in nearly every video format possible. MKV, RMVB, VC-1, MOV, WMV, DIVX, XVID, TS, M2TS (Blu-Ray / DVD folder structure), MP4, VOB.

Music and photo support is similarly expansive. The music browser will play MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, AAC, LPCM, FLAC, and AC3 files whilst the photo browser will display the popular JPG/JPEG, BMP, PNG, and GIF image formats. The X5 is perfect for photo slideshows as it has a built in SD Card slot. Simply take the card out of your camera, pop it into the X5, and you're away!

The new BOXCHIP F10 chipset (processor) offers superior performance to anything else in it's price range. We have successfully streamed MKV files at up to 70mbit/s using this player. This means the performance is superior to the older Realtek based players (like the Asus OPlay, Xtreamer, ACRyan Playon, Sumvision Cyclone mk1/mk2, Hisense..) and more on a par with the Sigma 865x based players (WDTV Live, Egreat S1A, Viewsonic VMP74..).

The new chipset also offers complete 7.1 audio support (downmix to 2.1 channel), so any video you have with HD-Audio (DTS-HD MA, Dolby True HD) will play perfectly through your TV. Again, this would be unusual in a player several times the price.

Considering the price you would think EAGET would have cut costs when designing the box. Well they haven't! The box itself is compact, finished well, and looks classy with a black aluminum body and transparent black plastic face plate.

Connectivity is limited to 1* front mounted USB port and 1* front mounted SD Card slot. This allows you to enjoy media from an external USB pen or HDD (formatted to the Windows standard FAT or NTFS). The main feature missing from this player is network access. This player is meant purely for playing media from an attached USB device / SD Card. AV outputs are impressive with features again unheard of even in much more expensive players. There are HDMI 1.3, Composite (RGB/SCART), and component video outputs. For digital audio out you have HDMI and a Coaxial S/PDIF port.

The X5 has an on/off switch. A small thing we know but it sure beats having to hunt through the mess of cables at the power socket to properly turn the player on or off! The BOXCHIP F10 is a very low power chipset anyway, so combine these two features and the X5 is perhaps more energy efficient than any other Media Player. The remote is simple and functional. The player is designed to be simple to operate and the remote reflects this. Boot time from standby is an incredible 7 seconds.

The player software is very straightforward with minimal options. It is perfect for performing the function of the box, to play media!. You get a choice between Movies, Music, Photo, Files, and Setting. Choosing each option gives you a tree layout of the USB drive / SD Card inserted where you can browse to the file you want.

The X5 is in stock in the UK now with all customs duty / VAT paid. The warranty is with us and is 1 year. As of November 22nd all our X5s have UK 3-pin power adapters. We will ship an adapter with all European orders.

Box contents: EAGET X5, Power supply (UK), Remote, Composite AV cable.

Unboxing photos are here and interface photos are here. Detailed shipping information is here.


Looks great but no foreign language subtitle support.

why is this better than sumvision micro 2?
idet 6 seems interesting though

Original Poster


why is this better than sumvision micro 2?idet 6 seems interesting though

Better connectivity, DTS pass through.

I have the Ider, it too is very good, same chipset. Can be used as usb host and slave so you just fill it up and take it away!

Im a bit new to this media player business.. is there one which you can put a 3.5" HDD in there?


Looks great but no foreign language subtitle support.

it's a good price but as per no foreign subtitle support and there only being the possibility of future upgrades, being completely unknown, seems a bit less attractive

Hi, sorry another question for the pro's..

Im looking for one which can also record from rgb as-well (scheduled)? is there such thing?
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it's been this price since they had it instock(and less for the first week).

so not really a 'hot deal', just the standard price.

No optical output either so i'm better off with my WD media player. Not bad for that price though! Voted HOT!

Will it play a single VOB ext. file of 4GB+ (DVD movie size) or over without having to convert it to AVI/XVID/MP4 ext. etc and would it fast forward/rewind a single VOB file without stuttering or freezing?
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