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3 for the Price of 1: DC Graphic Novels Offer - via EagleMoss Publications - £8.99 + P&P
Get THREE DC COMICS GRAPHIC NOVEL COLLECTION issues plus EXCLUSIVE GIFT for only £8.99 plus £2.99 P&P! Use Promo Code: BATMAN50
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Hush is a good read and it's usually between £10 and £15 on it's own ...so heat from me.

Not sure if my order went through. Entered my details, Paid via PayPal, then it took me back to my detail page which was blank. No confirmation. Only an email from PayPal that I paid

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UltimatePhoenix7 m ago

Are these the same as the ones sold for £9.99 each in shops??

Yes, they are the actual publisher of the Graphic Novels. If you want to double check, you can contact them via:

Phone Number: 0191 490 6421 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

Email Address: [email protected]eaglemoss.co.uk

Doesn't seem to be any three issues. It has to specifically be the first three. I.e. Batman: Hush Part 1, Batman: Hush Part 2, and Superman: Son of Krypton.

UltimatePhoenix3 m ago

Are these the same as the ones sold for £9.99 each in shops??

Yes. They just start again from the beginning from time to time.

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Home & Garden
Game of Thrones Figures! £8.99 Eaglemoss.com
Just what every shelf/mantelpiece needs a Game of Thrones figure. Most are £8.99. Free delivery if over £30 spent. Keep the spirit alive until the next series!!!
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I can only assume these figures are simply based on the books and not the characters in the series that we all know and love/hate - shame about the mother of dragons! Old dragon more like!


They could at least have made an effort at authenticity :|Does this … They could at least have made an effort at authenticity :|Does this really look like Daenerys Targaryen to anyone else?


What a load of rubbish, they don't look anything like the characters they are meant to be

They could at least have made an effort at authenticity

Does this really look like Daenerys Targaryen to anyone else?

Eaglemoss DC figurines -40% off till sunday
Just had an email from them about a 40% drop in prices. Includes the Batman big figurine pack. Personally don't think they are as good as the Marvel figurines but the cost saving on these at this offe… Read more
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Gah, there's a few there I would have bought, out of stock Some obscure figures in there which is interesting, enjoyed browsing anyway
Marvel fact files £2.99 - get gifts worth over £70 (EaglemossCollections)
This is per issue. You get charged every four weeks and when you subscribe you get iron man and Spider-Man figurine, marvel t-shirt, tin plate cover, calendar and free digital editions. This is expect… Read more
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Bought the first one, enjoyed it so signed up for the time being

I totally agree with smudger. Fact files were relegated to history with the invention of the internet, and you'll end up paying a LOT more for this stuff however cool it is

This thing is out of date as soon as its been printed off. The Marvel universe (and DC) changes so often (like the recent demise of Peter Parker leading to the Superior Spider-Man series) and back again, best off to stick to the Marvel wiki then have this thing clutter your house up!

Not a chance! I started collecting the eaglemoss "classic" marvel figurine collection and after it was supposed to run for about 100 issues I gave up and got shot of them and they were still knocking them out 2 years later with some of the famous characters that were possibly mentioned in a comic in 1968! Classic my foot! And then the variants, which were the exact same model painted differently and then the special editions which were about 18 quid each! Once they have you hooked your in trouble!
Knit and Stitch Magaziene
Knit and Stitch magazine launched its first issue today so i hunted the newsagents to find it. At 99p its pretty good as you get 2 balls of designer Bergere De France wool 25g weight which is designe… Read more
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Dont be fooled into orderin these magazines they are a con! I decided to subscribe an it was worse thing I did. When you subscribe you think once issues reach their target ie when in this case throw is completed they would cease but when I made enquiries because it seemed to be goin on forever ,I was informed that eaglemoss had 'extended' the issues (I hadn't been informed) so consequently my money was bein taken out of my account! Iv cancelled now, but unfortunately iv received issues up to 108! Either my throw is goin to b big enough to cover my whole lounge furniture or I'm going to hav loads left over!! I'm a pensioner an have a lost a lot of money, just wished I had kept on top of it, but iv learned my lesson the hard way! These books are con the only people benefiting are eaglemoss magazines.

Awww gutted that i've just decided to start knitting. Went round the shops yesterday looking for issue one but everywhere is on to issue 2 or 3.

Apparently theres a video in week one to show you how to knit, well worth 99p!

This is a hot deal because one ball of wool normally costs approx. £3. knitting needles are about £2.50 so really if this product wasn't a hot deal it would cost £8.50

You're better off buying something like Stylecraft Special DK yarn (there are sites online selling it for £1.35 for 100g), using knittinghelp.com for free videos and then joining Ravelry.com to find any pattern imaginable.

I picked up issue 2 today out of interest - this mag is no use to anyone. For 50g of acrylic yarn, 99p is about right - £4.50 is shocking. The needles would cost around £1 from any online shop. The instructions are very sparse, and the patterns like the poncho on the advert are very confusing and badly written - even an intermediate knitter would struggle with some of the instructions, let alone beginners.

If you want to make a patchwork throw and cushion, you could probably achieve one of the same size with 12-14 balls of Stylecraft Special DK for under £20. Compare this to the nearly £450 for this part work and it's ridiculous! You can learn for free online or book a local class for £40-£80 and save your money for lovely natural yarn!


The Knit & Stitch Collection is £4.50 per issue (issue one special price … The Knit & Stitch Collection is £4.50 per issue (issue one special price of £0.99 and issue two special price of £2.50)

You might want to update your original post as that shows £4.99 still.

I got DH to pick me one up today and sheesh I didn't expect much but the yarn is really cheap 100% acrylic and the balls are only 25g each. The needles are cheap as expected and the booklet is fairly small. I wouldn't even recommend this for new knitters TBH - they'd be better off getting one of the learning mags that has free yarn etc.

One day there will a decent partwork with decent yarn.....yeah right But at £4.50 per normal issue this is so overpriced considering the very cheap 25g yarn balls and needles.