Ealing Studios Box Set - 4 movies - £12.89 delivered

Ealing Studios Box Set - 4 movies - £12.89 delivered

Found 26th Jul 2006
This might not be everyone's cup of tea, but these movies are usually worth a watch. I have another ealing collection, and I thoroughly enjoyed those. This set is £12.89 at The Hut, and the cheapest elsewhere is ~£14.50. PLUS you get 10% quidco cashback, making this effectively £11.40.

Happy viewing!

Details: Whisky Galore!: When 50,000 cases of Whiskey are stranded on ship which runs aground, The Inhabitants of a Scottish Island cannot resist the temptation. Only an English Home guard captain (Played by the brilliant Basil Radford) stands in their way. Directed by Ealing Stalwart Alexander Mackendrick (The Ladykillers, The Man In The White Suit), Whisky Galore! is an 100% proof comedy classic.

It Always Rains On Sunday: Googie Withers stars in this tale of woman torn between her cosy East End Married life and her passion for her Ex-Finance - A man on the run from Dartmoor prison. Meanwhile, Her daughter is also finding herself seduced by the grimy glamour of Bethnal Green's Criminal underworld...Robert Hamer, Director of kind hearts and coronets, delivers a gripping melodrama about responsibility and disillusionment.

The Maggie: Alexander Mackendrick (Director of Whisky Galore!) weaves a sharp comic tale about Mactaggart (Alex McKenzie), A Wily Scottish ship captain who cons a rich American (Paul Douglas) Into Letting "The Maggie" Carry His Furniture To A Scottish Island. The American soon realises he's been conned but can he stop Mactaggart from ripping him off?

Champagne Charlie: Ealing regulars Stanley Holloway and Betty Warren star in this comic tale of 19th Century vaudeville Rivals. Director Alberto Cavalcanti captures the bawdy, energetic atmosphere of the great British music hall, While Holoway and Tommy trinder deliver classic victorian musical numbers in this nostalgic tribute to a bygone era


Do you mean £11.40 after cashback Emma?

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Er Yes. I'm going slightly mad... Thanks Ray, I'll fix it up!

[SIZE=2]Good price for all four [/SIZE]
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