Earlex Steam Cleaning Kit And Wallpaper Steamer SC300 (Reduced instore £20) at Tesco

Earlex Steam Cleaning Kit And Wallpaper Steamer SC300 (Reduced instore £20) at Tesco

Found 14th Apr 2013
Reduced in store only and had three on the shelf (CM2 7PX) Hopefully this helps someone?


Argos currently have these for £69.99

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which store??
good deal as still £30 online

which store??

Sorry forgot to post info "CM2 7PX"
I'll check it out
Hot because it has word steam on it
And to help out those that have no idea where CM2 7PX is, it's Chelmsford.
It's no SW19 that's for sure.
Where in the store are they? Is it the home plus store?
Is that the home plus store? Where in the store are they please?
They were at the back in the store in the DIY section on the bottom shelf. This display was opposite the stock room doors. I collected mine just before they closed this afternoon.
Should also of said on the first floor
Cheers, went for one on the tesco direct site plus a couple of cheap games and had a £10 off £50 voucher effectively making it £20 thereabouts anyway plus Quidco on top. Great price for one of these.

i want one!!! .... will look first thing tomorrow! thanks
I got one instore two weeks ago paid 30 for it , pity I could have saved 10 but 30 is still a good price, works well for the price not used all the tools yet but oak floor looked good after (sealed oak)
Would this be any good for car upholstery?
All sold out on web and in bristol
Popped in to get a sandwich from a store in Surrey and they had two on the shelf but not priced? If you going to a Tesco's store anyway and you want one, it might be worth having a peek to see if they have any. I suspect that the cold voters will get busy given the hype of having to chase down stock in stores?
A big thank you to bomber man, pick one up for chelmsford today and it works a treat!! Hot hot hot!! X
Thanks op, managed to pick one up in newport spytty store today and they still had one left.... Blasted the mould spot I had on my ceiling a treat
got one delivered to store,picked it up opened the box and there was no small brush attachments and there wasnt anymore in stock so i called earlex up and explained and they are sending the brushes out,if anyone else is in the same prediciment.
Tesco Brooklands had them today (3). There were £20 when I arrived. I ummed and arred about getting one. Did my shopping, went back upstairs to buy and was greeted by a yellow sticker..........only £10!
Collected mine today from Tesco Yeovil. Just checked mine, opened the tool storage flap at the front and all my accessories are present. Also came with some spare seals in case of leaks. Seems well thought out. Well pleased for £20 approx.
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