Earlex Steam Stripper SS125UKP @ Toolstation - £19.85 delivered

Earlex Steam Stripper SS125UKP @ Toolstation - £19.85 delivered

Found 14th Jan 2013
Come on boys, treat yourself to a stripper.

Earlex launched the world’s first DIY steam wallpaper stripper and have sold over 7 million worldwide. This is a British made product and excellent value for money at under £20.

4 Ltr tank
12 Minute steam up time
70 Minutes of usage
3.65m Cool run hose
2000w Element
British made

My advice would be never to steam strip unless you have to as it introduces water vapour into the house. Therefore for a lightweight lining paper you probably just need to score it and soak with water from a sponge. However for wallpaper that is hard to get off these things are a godsend. Once you've perfected a technique you can get a large area stripped very quickly.

Great value and free next day delivery from Toolstation
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Hot...just for the pic
heated for the pic
Does it come with this girl?
oh god, to be a stainless steel post right now...
got one of these yesterday works a treat on the wallpaper not so good on the wife doesn't make her look like this photo
why is there a moomin on her back?
i like
What's going on? Everyone knows you only get heat these days if you post a pic of a sexy girl with the original deal so that's exactly what I did. But some prude has now changed that pic to a boring picture of the actual product! oO

This makes all the "heat for the pic" comments superfluous.

What's happening? Is there a clean up HUKD campaign? Whatever next, people voting hot on whether something is a bargain or not? If this kind of behaviour keeps on this site will turn into a really useful deals site like it was 5 years ago. Is that what we really all want?
WHAT pic??

WHAT pic??

I originally posted a picture of stripper - you know the sort, pretty face, high heeled shoes, big assets etc. On a positive note it got me a bit of heat at first, but then a mod must have taken it down. Sorry.

Could this be the beginning of the end of silly season on HUKD?


I can only apologise hamster. She was a very pretty lady too.
Well I'm happy to say she's still in my cache. Moomin too. Considering her for my new wallpaper.
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