Early Doors - Complete Series 1 and 2 DVD's £3.93 each + Free Delivery/Quidco @ The Hut
Early Doors - Complete Series 1 and 2 DVD's  £3.93 each + Free Delivery/Quidco @ The Hut

Early Doors - Complete Series 1 and 2 DVD's £3.93 each + Free Delivery/Quidco @ The Hut

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Welcome to The Grapes - a Northern pub full of warmth, good cheer and nicotine. Where the regulars ponder their lives, loves and who's been leaving fag ends in the blocked urinals.
Will Ken the landlord ever find out? Does Melanie ever find her real Dad? Will Jean get to go to Crete? WHo did father Janice's baby? Can crime crack itself? Will Eddie get to share his concern over the installation of temporary traffic lights on Samuel Street? Does anyone give a toss? No.


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Early Doors - Series 2 DVD thehut.com/hut…uct
Series 2 of the award-winning sitcom Early Doors welcomes us back to The Grapes for more happy hours.
There seems to be romance in the air, Tanya can pull a good pint but can she pull the landlord? Ken's got other things on his mind though, the pub's on its **** and the brewery are on his back. There's talk of them turning it into a fun pub but they'd have to evict Old Tommy first and he's going nowhere.

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Or if you prefer, there is the complete series 1 and 2 together, for a bit more at Play (£7.99)play.com/DVD…UMX
This box set features both series 1 and 2 of Early Doors.

Series 1: A gentle yet compelling story of life, love, loneliness and blocked urinals. Each evening, the regulars bring their particular foibles and characteristics up to the bar. Overhearing their conversations and reliving the events in each of their lives is both moving and amusing.

Series 2: The welcome return of the critically acclaimed comedy set entirely in The Grapes, a small pub in the North of England. Into this warm, slightly hopeless environment come a group of lovable characters who like a pint, but more than that, like each other. Lads Joe and Duffy command centre table and most of the conversation, largely at the expenses of landlord Ken's less acute regulars, such as Eddie, for whom a change in the town's traffic flow can become a preoccupation

Already in my collection,great programme.Crime can't crack itself :-D

superb show


only 1 disc :whistling:

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Tara Pinkerton;4745687

only 1 disc :whistling:

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