Early Doors: Series 1 (DVD) - £2.99 @ Play & Amazon

Early Doors: Series 1 (DVD) - £2.99 @ Play & Amazon

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Series 1 and 2 is available for £6.99 but if you just want a taster for less than the price of a pint this'll do.

"A gentle yet compelling story of life, love, loneliness and blocked urinals. Each evening, the regulars bring their particular foibles and characteristics up to the bar. Overhearing their conversations and reliving the events in each of their lives is both moving and amusing."


do you like circuses?

I'll stay on me own....


Fantastic series!

i love this series - got the dvds already - but heat for a great price

Cracking series !! Love it !

Crime won't crack it's self ..................

To the regiment.

I wish I was there....

twin cheeks

Tango Whisky Alpha Tango Sierra, over...

Nigel & Phil

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Pickles the dog.

Absolutely wonderful show: FAR better than The Royle Family. Such a pity they axed it after series two.
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