Earn £38 cashback @ Azimo UK (new customers with one transfer)

Earn £38 cashback @ Azimo UK (new customers with one transfer)

Found 17th May 2015
Nice for people sending money overseas

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Ive used this before, its the cheapest rate out there at only £1 per transfer. like services are usually £6. but issue is my transfer only worked first time, after that keeps erroring.
This will be perfect for me forwarding on my money to all the Nigerian businessmen who email me asking for for assistance, in exchange for millions of dollars. HOT!!!
I used Mukuru before and found these guys this morning and thought I would give them a try. cashback tracked within an hour

will try again next month and hopefully no errors as I find them a lot cheaper than others
It says £10 in the title of this thread, but I can't see anywhere that there is a minimum £10 spend? I am planning to do a £1 transfer which looks like it should trigger the cashback?

These guys in Ireland are getting a surprise £1 donation in Euros https://www.melloneducate.com/donate/

Ah I see when you get to the final send money page it forces a minimum £10 send.
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You can send money to yourself it says, or to an app. I cannot see how though
Well Mellon Educate got a £10 donation

Well Mellon Educate got a £10 donation

Did the same for a US charity. Hope it tracks now.
If the cashback tracks and pays out... which with my recent TCB experiences is not more than a 50/50 shot. Started using Quidco mainly again now due to this who have got better (they dropped which was when I started using TCB now gone full circle)
Cashback has tracked.

From personal experience of using TCB a lot (usually higher rates than Quidco and can take out as Amazon vouchers with +5% and Tesco clubcard points), I have very few problems, and of the few claims I've had to do, the number of rejected ones is very very few and far between (assuming it was a valid transaction and I haven't cancelled or returned any part of it)
Cashback took about an hour to track for me. I've had a few problems with quidco and TCB over the years. I've had a LOT of cashback transactions though....and for me TCB have offered much the better service - often paying out when a retailer doesn't.

If cashback fails for whatever reason I've paid them a pound and a charity a tenner. I can live with that.
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And using a referral link may jeopardise your cashback...
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