Earn an extra £1 for DVD/GAMES @ Grainger Games

Earn an extra £1 for DVD/GAMES @ Grainger Games

Found 14th Feb 2012
When trading in at Grainger Games - They have a guarantee that they will pay more for your games. However you have to prove that you can get more for your DVD/Games elsewhere. (I usually say CEX)

They check the CEX website and then offer you a £1 more than what CEX would offer.

I went in the other day and they offered me £17 for a game, then I exclaimed that I would go CEX and they went on CEX's website saw that CEX were offering £26 and then they upped what they would give me to £27 (Giving me an extra £10 for just using there guarantee)

So find a company that offers the highest price for your DVD/Games then walk into Grainger Games and say that you've found a company that will offer more then them. (They usually check on the in-store internet) and then they should offer you what the other company is offering + £1.

I'm not too sure if this works with smaller prices. (under £10)
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This does work i've done it a few times
I've TRIED to get them to price match many times but pretty much everytime they've refused as they say they were selling it for less than CEX/HMV were offering to trade for.....rubbish, will stick to gamestation who actually stick to their guarantee a bit more frequently.

Still a good heads up though for anyone with a more generous grainger games than my local nearby
If your comparison stores are within like a mile they usually accept. You could try taking in a current print off of prices for cex and that might help.
Although I like to trade in with gamestation because you get elite points too.
If this rule means they end up giving you more than they sell it for they have to call area manager which can take a while so if you have a CEX near by in that case might as well go there.
Other than that its fab, I love Grainger for this
Interestingly they will give you cash of CEX trade-in-price+1 sometimes, I think this is just when the grainer staff read it wrong but you might luck out, I have before.

No matter how good this company may get over time, I'll always remember … No matter how good this company may get over time, I'll always remember them negatively from the way they acted Games Media Awards last year.

So you judge a company negatively for getting **** up at an awards ceremony that you werent at, and acting a bit stupid ?
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