Earn up to 2,000 M&S points worth £20
Earn up to 2,000 M&S points worth £20

Earn up to 2,000 M&S points worth £20

Existing M&S credit and store cardholders earn up to 2,000 M&S points worth £20 when you open an Everyday Savings Account and have money in it on 1 October 2009. You get an M&S point for every £5 up to £10K, as follows;
£1,000 - 200 M&S points
£5,000 - 1,000 M&S points
£10,000 or more - 2,000 M&S points
Interest credited monthly. Rubbish interest rate, but you only need to have the cash in there for one day to get the £20 in points (added to your M&S points account by 1/11/09).
Apply via link, or by phone on 0808 001 3131 quoting GD01 (recommend web - very difficult to get an answer on phone!).


so i would have to have 10k spare to put into an account for a day to make £20?! hardly worth the hassle of transfering it around i think... cold from me


cold from me this is not a deal imo

£20 for transferring a bit of money for a week or so - just a few mouse clicks' effort. Rated hot from me.:thumbsup:

yh but you have to have over 10k to get £20 , 5k to get £10 or 1k to get £2

As they are offering a meagre rate of 1.56%/pa AER and THAT includes a 1% bonus for first year of a/c - they really don't deserve any encouragement by people giving them any money do they ?

I get over double that on my A&L a/c with opportunity for same day transfers in/out current a/c!
ie Alliance & Leicester Online Saver Issue 5 - feature on here in the past, with eg Quidco opportunity for £20 too!
(though caveat that rate is variable, and has a 3 August 2010 revision to ?)

Though I guess if you were prepared to make all the effort to open the a/c, transfer in the max at the last moment to blag the full 2000 points and then transfer out ASAP, you MIGHT have earnt the minimum wage for all your time AND you'd be giving them one in the eye for the rather pathetic offer.


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Doing this gives you FREE MONEY.........yes the interest rate is crap, but you don't have to keep the cash in the account for more than a day or two.................If you do the M&S saver and the A&L £20 Quidco for yourself and wife you get 4 x £20 = £80 for very little work! But I guess some people wouldn't get out of bed for only £20..........
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