Easiyo Yogurt Maker 50% off at Lakeland
Easiyo Yogurt Maker 50% off at Lakeland

Easiyo Yogurt Maker 50% off at Lakeland

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A friend bought us one of these a few months ago and it is absolutely delicious, convenient and so easy to make... and lasts for up to two weeks in the fridge. Not that that ever gets tested.

In short make your own yogurt at home - huge variety of flavours + greek + low fat versions etc. All fresh and teeming with pre-biotic and pro-biotic bacteria. All you need is the packet and water.

Some complain its more expensive than making your own with milk (it is) but its far far cheaper than anything you'll buy in the supermarket and far better too as it hasn't been shelved and transported etc.

Kids love it (so no more expensive little pots with 2 spoonfuls in them...). Each pack makes 1Kg/1Litre of yogurt.

They also sell small pots to put it in for school lunch packs if desired.

The cheapest place to buy packs is wahlshop.co.uk/aca…tml

EasiYo yoghurt maker with yoghurt jar. Takes 8 hours to make thick & creamy yoghurt.

Simple, economical, fresh, delicious and nutritious; EasiYo from New Zealand is totally foolproof and uses no electricity.

Mix a sachet with cold water in the jar; fill the Yoghurt Maker with boiling water; put the jar inside the Yoghurt Maker and leave for 8 hours... you'll have thick and creamy yoghurt.

EasiYo contains 3 live and active cultures which give yoghurt its legendary health properties.

Why not try our recipe for chocolate orange frozen yoghurt.

Not a grocery deal so not too sure where this should go - mods move if necessary.


Of course you can just use a big vacuum flask and some of your favourite yoghurt as a starter...

Good enough deal though.

+ £4.25 delivery for me

"its far far cheaper than anything you'll buy in the supermarket"

You need to get out more often!

Even not bothering to include delivery charges for the sachets which adds £4.50 at the site you list, there are PLENTY of supermarkets selling numerous flavoured yoghurt varieties for less than 1.90p per litre or Kg (95p per 500g pot)! Eg. Aldi Lidl Netto, and the big names do too when on offers! Just last week I bought Onken Biopot for 95p/500g pot I think it was in Somerfield.
Plain types are cheaper still - as low as in the 49p to 65p range for a 500g pot of low fat natural yoghurt! Even Greek style is little more if you buy selectively - up to about £2.10 per 1000g/1Kg without having any of the faffing on of making it!

Years ago I made my own yoghurt when it was less available than now, and then it was far more expensive in real money terms, but I wouldn't dream of bothering nowadays!

do you know first hand if you can use this to make yogurt from milk instead..? Cheers
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