East End Chopped Tomato Tins 4 for £1.00 @ B&M

East End Chopped Tomato Tins 4 for £1.00 @ B&M

Found 21st Oct 2017
Both the chopped tomato and peeled plum tomatoes available 4 for £1 in Notts, Beeston store.

Possibly national.

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One prefers the more upmarket 'West End' tomatoes...
Same price in Tesco
Also Asda
Watery pap
Have a banana!
Same in Tesco, Asda and Morrisons. Strange how it's gone hot to be honest because they're almost always 4 for £1 somewhere!

They do the job for spag bol, soups etc. I'll be bluntly honest and say I can't tell the difference between these and Napolina tinned tomatoes. Maybe others can but I can't. However if you ever come across San Marzano tomatoes then you're in for a tasty treat. Especially sublime as a pizza sauce.
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