East Is East DVD - £2.97 delivered at Amazon

East Is East DVD - £2.97 delivered at Amazon

Found 27th Feb 2011
Next cheapest I see is £3.97 at Tesco

George Khan, proud Pakistani and chip shop owner, rules his family with a rod of iron. He thinks he's raising his seven children to be respectable Pakistanis - but this is Salford in the North of England, in 1971.

For the seven kids of George Khan life is one long compromise. Tomboy Meenah prefers playing footie to wearing a sari, hippie Saleem pretends to be studying engineering when he's really at art school, heart throb Tariq has got a reputation as a local Casanova, and Sajid hasn't even been circumcised yet!

In the Khan's cramped terrace house with its scant indoor plumbing, anarchy erupts on a daily basis. East is East is the hilarious story of what happens when two cultures collide within one family.
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This was our Sunday afternoon film this week. Such a great testament to British cinema. We will be off to watch West Is West this week at the cinema despite the mediocre reviews.
West is West is a good film,Saw it last week on a showfilmfirst freebie.
Hi we saw west is west last week also, we thought it was quite a good film and a good few laughs!
west is west is good but does not in anyway stand up to east is east... why u nah respec me?
"u bluddy bas-terd biach"
Edited by: "Cheney!" 27th Feb 2011
Watched West is West last night, well worth a watch! Was giggling all the way through.
just ordered. cheers!
Hate this film. It's blatant propaganda.
Looking forward to seeing West is West
Buy this you bloody ****!!
Back up to £3.49
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