Easter eggs down to 62p at Tesco

Easter eggs down to 62p at Tesco

Found 30th Apr 2011
Just went to my extra store and found that they have reduced the medium sized eggs to 62p and the large one with the mugs to £1.50


And at Home Bargains - small eggs down to around 50p (only caught a glance) £7.99 ones down to £3.99. Should have thought this would be the same pretty much everywhere now to get rid, as with previous years.

Sorry but not hot from me...

whoopee lets get the flags out.......

I think thats what people would expect to happen to easter egg prices after easter plus the mug deal has already been posted

Although, these easter eggs still are pretty cheap for the chocolate you get. Heat added.

Managed to pick up some dirt cheap choc at sainsburys. Damn will power.
I'll have to move up a gear at the gym until it's all been eaten.
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