Eastern Promises Blu Ray £6.93 @ The Hut + Quidco

Eastern Promises Blu Ray £6.93 @ The Hut + Quidco

Found 9th Jun 2009Made hot 9th Jun 2009
After a young teenage mother dies during childbirth, midwife Anna resolves to try the baby's relatives. Guided by the girl's personal diary she meets Semyon, the charming proprietor of a plush Trans-Siberian restaurant who impeccably makes his cold and brutal acts as the head of one of London's most notorious Eastern European crime families. Semyon's volatile son Krill, who is also part of the Vory V Zakone criminal brotherhood, and the family's mysterious driver, Nikolai, soon cross her path as Anna accidentally unleashes the full fury of the Vory..


voted hot!

Incredible film.


Viggo Mortensen! Yum!

hot, luuuurve this film :thumbsup:

brilliant film briliant price

It's a very good film.

Heat added ,Viggo and Vincent Cassell are superb.

Top film this, if you haven't seen it make a point of doing so! Hot from me.

Heat added and ordered...thanks for the post. I have not watched this film yet but the you guys seem to rate it so ordered.....

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