Easy-Camp Toulouse Picnic Table   - Was £30 - Now £14.99 + £4.95 delivery

Easy-Camp Toulouse Picnic Table - Was £30 - Now £14.99 + £4.95 delivery

Found 18th Aug 2008
We have been looking for one of these for a while camping and not been able to get hold of one. The same sort of one for £20 in millets has been out of stock for ages. It's £4.95 delivery but I think it's a good find.

Hope this helps someone.
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please dont buy one of these they are useless.they are about as usefull as a choclate firegaurd,waste of money,will be broken within 2 mins
Not sure whether they are good or bad as the first post suggests, however if you want one right away, Halfords are selling them for £19.99.
ive seen these in my local Tesco for £17
Go to any campsite, and you find a few of these dumped in the campsite skip.
They break for a pastime.
Mine broke too, a mate tried to put it together and it snapped. Not easy to superglue either. I would avoid.
Bought this exact same one from Go Outdoors about 3 years ago - its had a lot of use and still works fine - best £15 I ever spent - its great being able to just set up the table and relax anywhere - quite sturdy with 4 adults around it and doesnt break - as long as you take care and be gentle when setting it up it will work fine for years and years. Other makes may not be as good as posts above suggest but this one is the one to go for - I would 100% reccomend this one :thumbsup:
Phew - thanks for that alexsim - I was on the verge of canceling mine but was very disappointed. For £15 it's worth the risk for me.
Cheap and cheerful. Ideal if you have young children who just need somewhere to sit and eat their meals while camping. Ours has lasted a number of years, with no real problems - although "large" adults should sit down on it carefully!
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