Easy 'Midnight Inspirations' Washing Powder (75 washes) for £3.95 @Farmfoods

Easy 'Midnight Inspirations' Washing Powder (75 washes) for £3.95 @Farmfoods

Found 26th Aug 2013
From Jeyes. Jasmine & Orchid scent - 5.26p per wash. Think that just about beats many people's 10p/wash benchmark.

Was available from Savers a few weeks ago, on a half price offer, for £2.49 for a short time, but was going back up to £4.99. Also available at Iceland for £5.

First time I will have used this, but haven't ever found any difference between these so called 'unknown' brands and the established ones. They all wash the same as far as I'm concerned (we do about a dozen washes per week).
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I've been using this for a while, my Farmfoods has the 15 wash box for 98p but I'll look out for this size which is much better value. No idea who's voting it cold, it's a great deal!
Think it depends how dirty your clothes get and what sort of stains you need to wash out.
2 washes a day!?

2 washes a day!?

Family of 6; generate a lot of washing (and ironing for the missus).
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