Easy Parental Control Pro Free @ Google Play Store

Easy Parental Control Pro Free @ Google Play Store

Found 12th Dec 2017Edited by:"Bob_Green"
Down from £1.39

You can control your child's phone or tab on local network easily. Just install this app in your child's phone or tab and enable the service to control it. Then connect all devices to same Wifi access point or tethering to be discovered.

Key features:
* Simple interface
* No account registration (no data collected)
* Set limit usage remotely
* Send message remotely
* Lock phone remotely
* Set volume, brightness remotely
* Find phone by ringing it
* Locate device using GPS
* Can use tethering (no internet required)
* Can manage self device (same phone)
* Apps lock
* Connect from anywhere via cloud (internet connection required on both device)

Purchase Pro version to remove Ads

Lock is using standard android screen lock AND this app's custom lock
Device administrator and accessibility permission are required to lock the device.
This app uses Accessibility services.
Can't pair on same network? Reboot both devices and try again
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