Easy Prey: A Nathan Hawk Mystery (Kindle) FREE @ Amazon

Easy Prey: A Nathan Hawk Mystery (Kindle) FREE @ Amazon

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When Teresa Stillman, the daughter of an elderly barrister, suddenly disappears her distraught father asks Hawk to search for her. Hawk's experience tells him that Teresa is dead, so he gently declines the task - and then his own wayward daughter goes missing for 24 hours and he realises the importance of keeping hope alive.
He sets off to find Teresa, a journey which takes him through Britain to the Outer Hebrides. Gradually he begins to unearth a dangerous world of lies and violent revenge but even he, an ex police officer who has solved 35 murders - isn't prepared for the final outcome.

In his spare time - which mercifully he doesn't have a great deal of - he still worries about his four grown up children. They are scattered all over the world but he's desperate to keep them together as a family, even at such long distances. He fears it's a battle he will lose, but his new ladyfriend, Dr Laura Peterson, believes otherwise. She's the voice of reason in Hawk's life but she's discovering that Hawk relies as much on instinct as reason.

And overhanging it all is Hawk's sharp wit and uneven temper which is likely to explode at any moment. Usually it's justified - sometimes it isn't.

About the Author:
Douglas Watkinson is an English novelist, screenwriter and playwright. He trained as an actor and has written literally hundreds of television scripts, most notably for Lovejoy, Agatha Christie's Poirot and Midsomer Murders. The latter has been seen by a staggering ONE BILLION people in 250 countries. More details about his writing can be seen on his web site. His crime novels feature the hard-bitten, soft-centred Nathan Hawk, a police officer who was 'required to retire', as the British so delicately put it, and now works as a private detective. Known for his wit and fiery temper, Hawk is on his fifth case. The first four books are entitled Haggard Hawk, Easy Prey, Scattered Remains and Evil Turn.

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