Eat Lead: The Return Of Matt Hazard (PS3/Xbox 360) - £12.89 @ Sendit

Eat Lead: The Return Of Matt Hazard (PS3/Xbox 360) - £12.89 @ Sendit


Despite many criticisms, it appears that those who have bothered to buy this have enjoyed it and at this price it has to be worth a go.

Good find!


worst game on PS3

Crikey, that's come down quick!


worst game on PS3

Really?! Thought Haze held that title?! Anyway, why is it so bad?

Anyone notice it says:
"Eat Lead Xbox 360"
Yet has the ps3 boxart??

Crap game, not worth it! :whistling:

I won't buy this yet because I have too many games to get through but for future reference can anybody shed any light on platform differences? Graphics, loading, framerate differences etc.



fab game good story and combat whats wrong with it i have it on 360 payed £12.73 at the hut brill game easy 1000 gs points and water guns rock best comedy game since conker live and reloaded

Not half as bad as people are making it out to be. Not as bad as Destroy All Humans either, or Damnation.
Heat added

Asda have this for 2p more and you get 2.5% cashback. Not much I know, but for those who prefer asda or already have an account with them might be a good alternative.

*Should have mentioned, cashback with Quidco for Asda (Sendit only give cashback to new customers)
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